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Cycles of the Moon

A spirituality Spotify Playlist

By Chloe Rose Violet 🌹Published 6 months ago Updated 6 months ago 11 min read
Top Story - April 2023
Cycles of the Moon
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“Make your own Bible. Select and collect all the words and sentences that in all your readings have been to you like the blast of a trumpet.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Spirituality both destroyed and saved my life. I have worked on this playlist of mine for the better part of a year. As many of you know I find music to be incredibly healing for myself and the ones I love around me. These are some of my favourite songs about or related to spirituality that I happened to have fallen in love with. There are 30 different songs that I have written about below. I hope one or more of them resonates with you the way it did for me.

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Spaceship by Diverse

Riding in my spaceship . Going different places . Too much on my mind I need to give my thoughts some space yea

I found this song at the beginning of the pandemic and I fell in love with the overall vibe of the song.

Watching for Comets by Skillet

You burn so bright, I see stars . The way you laugh, it's like a heavenly choir . You made me feel invincible . When you're with me, I can take on the world.

I got to watch the full moon with the love of my life and listen to this song playing. It made my night complete as we actually seen a satellite take pictures of the moon that night. Pretty romantic if you ask me.

Clairvoyant by The Story So Far

This is your life, there's no way to run from it . The doubt in your brain or the pain in your stomach . I only have but one complaint at the moment . Don't paint me black when I used to be golden

I love this song. Clairvoyancy is a gift and this song stole my heart the first time that I listened to it.

Chakras by Qveen Herby

No one can fuck with me when my chakras are aligned . I protect my energy 'cause, bitch, I gotta shine.

I had a friend show me this song years ago and I fell IN LOVE with it. Seriously the vibe is beautiful and it definitely makes me feel as if my chakras are aligned.

I'll Be The Moon by Dierks Bentley

You can leave me in the dark if that's all I get from you . He can be the sun, I'll be the moon

This romance song deserved to be in this playlist of spiritual songs.

Priest by Group Project

Yeah, 12 months later I'm still in to you . I think I'm in love, but you don't think it too . I'd write down my vows, but you won't think yours through . And for better, for worse I'd say I do.

This song makes me think of the love of my life. I love the spiritual feeling behind this song.

Moon & Stars by $not

Hold my hand, I ain't really goin' far (Uh-uh) . Bitch, I'll take you to the moon and the stars (And the stars)

This is our song. I love the words and I feel a very spiritual meaning behind the words to this song. Take me to the moon and the stars babe.

Black Magic by Eminem

As I stab, I'm laughin' . So much for witchcraft and magic . Abracadabra that, bitch . No turnin' back, I'm blackin' . As I say farewell to the love of my life, I cut and I slice . I give her one last hug goodbye.

This is kind of a dark line from the song but I felt like the words suited the magic of this post and this playlist. Eminem is a great rapper and this album happens to be one of my favourites. I don't know why but Eminem always reminds me of the father of my children. I hope this song resonates with those out there that can relate.

Afterlife by Hailee Steinfield

Will you love me when my heartbeat stops? When my heartbeat stops, will you stay mine? Will you promise me you'll search for us? Will you find me after life? Oh, for better or for worse , will death be our last kiss, my love?

I firmly believe in an afterlife. I have always loved this song and the words I quoted do it no justice. Please give it a listen for me. It truly is a love song for the new ages.

True Crime by DREAMERS

She pulled me closer , under the crying sky in greater New Orleans . End of a lonely night and spirits watched as my head spun under the grandfather clock . I thought this was forever.

I have always loved this song. It's mystical nature makes it fit right into this playlist of spiritual songs.

Swimming In The Moonlight by Bad Suns

Here outside, it's just you and I . I couldn't love you more if I tried . It's crystal clear as we disappear . Swimming in the moonlight.

I love this song. It is pretty romantic and fitting for this spirituality playlist of songs.

Love Spells by POORSTACY

What did I do to deserve you? I wish I never hurt you . Love spells, now you think that I cursed you . Oh well, I miss the smell of your perfume.

I have actually had a hex on me before. I found this song funny and suiting for this beautiful playlist that I have composed for my Vocal fans.

Loud Magic by Foreign Air

The fire's burning . Goddamn . The wolves still howling . Goddamn . The devil's dancing . Goddamn . Dancing in your head

I have always loved this song. It suits this playlist of spiritual songs. Magic exists in all forms and I believe that music is one of those forms.

Have You Seen The Moon Tonight? by Aim Vision

When the moon is all I see , the whole world makes sense to me . And I can't ever get no sleep . So wide awake, I live my dreams.

I love this song. I remember the first day I found it. I fell in love with it instantly. It's such a strange beat that I just fawned over the whole song- lyrics, beat, voice- all of it.

Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader

Dancing in the moonlight . Everybody's feeling warm and bright . It's such a fine and natural sight . Everybody's dancing in the moonlight.

I love this song. It's quite the upbeat catchy tune. My significant other also really enjoys this tune. I hope you love it.

Us and the moon by Kam Michael

We can talk 'till the sunrise . Take sips get lost in your brown eyes . I don't want it all to end, no you're too fine . Swear to god you were found in a gold mine . Follow my lead, I'ma give you the moon . Or we can leave and go hide in the room . Lay in the bed and get into the mood . Swear I'm in love with the way that you move

This is another song that makes me think of my partner. I think there is nothing more romantic than watching the full moon in all its brightness. I'm happy to have someone to share music with. Also thankful for the romantic times under the light of a full moon.

Midnight Starlight by Jason Walker

When I'm lost floating like a boat in the ocean . The midnight starlight won't shine anymore.

I have loved Jason Walker ever since high school. This song is beautifully melancholic. I love the melody and it makes me remincse on good times.

Palm Reader by DREAMERS

You say you got a vision take my hand and tell me what you see . You can read between the lines 'cause you're my palm reader . Got your crystals in your pocket like a drug dealer . Now you're telling me my future . Knowing I'll believe ya . You know I gotta have it . Feels like black magic.

DREAMERS has always been one of my favourites to listen to. I love this song so much. I always carry crystals with me, no matter what.

Close to The Sun by Stay Over

And now, my wings are too close to the sun . Who cares I know my day will come.

I have a lot of songs about the moon in this playlist but not many about the sun. I loved this song when I first found it and I still love it to this day. Sunlight can be just as healing as the moonlight.

Ghost by Ryan Caraveo

Can't say I love her, but I wrote her dozens of poems . And I almost read 'em out loud hundreds of times . Closed mouth, what a waste of a wonderful mind . She gets scared when the rain and the thunder combine . And I'm from a gloomy place where the sun doesn't shine

I have loved Ryan Caraveo since I found out about the pregnancy with my daughter about four years ago now. This song suits this playlist in my opinion.

Meditation by Doobie

How could I forget, I'm still tryna get past it . I say I moved on but I still think about past shit . You tore down what we build, that's demolition in the past tense . I be in my feelings because liquor helps me. How you say you love me but you never take no action? . You got me going crazy, baby I been going batshit.

I fell in love with this artist when I was looking for new music to smoke weed to. Doobie has a lot of great songs but this one suits my Cycles of The Moon playlist because of the title. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Heaven Is A Place On Earth by Belinda Carlisle

When the night falls down . I wait for you, and you come around . And the world's alive . With the sound of kids on the street outside.

I started listening to this song on a mixtape CD my parents had growing up. I love the beautiful words it speaks.

Stars by Skillet

If you can hold the stars in place . You can know my heart the same . Whenever I fall away . Whenever I start to break . So here I am, lifting up my heart . To the one who holds the stars.

Another Skillet song from the album Unleashed. This song is beautiful for a night out underneath the light of the full moon

Dancing In The Lightning by CARSTN

I know you want this baby . I want it too but . You’ve been giving me the thunder lately . That just ain’t you nah . If you wanna be a bad bad girl . Living in a mad mad world . We can stop all this fightin’. And go dance in the lightnin’

I have loved this song for a few years. Lightning storms can be utterly powerful to watch with someone.

Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders

Gave my love to a shooting star . But she moves so fast , that I can't keep up . I'm chasing . I'm in love with a shooting star.

Yet another love song that perfectly fits this playlist. I don't know any other songs by this artist but I really love this song.

Trip by Jhene Aiko

On nights like this, I ride . Turn the music up to keep from cryin' . Wait 'til the sunshine . Please don't let the darkness keep me low

I love this song. Spirituality changed my life as did this song the first day I discovered it. Please enjoy this beautiful tune.

The Healer by Erykah Badu

Go get baptized in the ocean of the people

I found this song in another spirituality playlist and I digged the vibe of it. That is why I included it in this playlist I made for Vocal.

Wildflower by Beach House

You built a city , all in your head . Triangle of ever light . It turns you on every night.

This song reminds me of heaven in a way. I really enjoy Beach House and I have written about other songs of theirs before. This tune is catchy and lovely.


I was off the meds, I was called insane . What a awesome thing, engulfed in shame . I want all the rain, I want all the pain . I want all the smoke, I want all the blame.

I love the words to this song. It's a sign to keep moving forward no matter what life throws at you. After all you can chose to be reborn againa and start anew. Or at least that is how I feel about this song and the words it speaks.

Sunrise by Our Last Night

When the night is cold and you feel like no one knows . What it's like to be the only one buried in this hole . You can make it to the sunrise.

This song has healed many sorrows for me. From all the way back to my high school days. Again, the sun is just as healing as the moon is. I hope that you enjoy how beautiful this song truly is.


I hope you enjoyed my latest Spotify playlist! Comment down below which song happens to be your favourite in the list I have compiled. Please like this post and subscribe for more content. :)

Chloe Rose Violet

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  • Dark Moon Empire6 months ago

    As someone who uses music to heal, I can not wait to dive into these. Thank you for sharing!

  • Brenton F6 months ago

    How good are Beach House? A very well written article! (I got a soft spot for playlists)

  • Dana Stewart6 months ago

    Awesome piece, I’ll deep dive into this playlist. Thank you for sharing and curating this list. I see a couple familiar names, but am always looking to hear new sounds.

  • Naomi Gold6 months ago

    I liked the playlist on Spotify so I can listen later. I have a moon themed playlist but I’m always looking for new music. Thanks for sharing yours. 😊

  • Brin J.6 months ago

    This was so beautiful. Clairvoyance especially stood out to me. Those lyrics "Don't paint me in black when I used to be golden". I can see why you added it to your list. But overall, THIS was golden. Everything about it is an inspiration. You should know that. <3

  • Thank you for sharing ❤️😉Nice article and Good Insights 💯✨💖😊❗❗

  • Kayla Lindley6 months ago

    No lie- I love all the music you had on here. Your writing style is polished and professional, making for a smooth and enjoyable reading experience.

  • Kristen Balyeat6 months ago

    This piece is fantastic! I'm going to have to go back and listen to every song- thanks for sharing them, and for your thoughts!! Also, your first quote from Emerson is one of my faves!!! 💫 Great work!

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