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Cautionary warning to stupid girls of the world

Garbage and P!nk save the females with a musical warning

By RIKKI LA ROUGEPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

pink and garbage have two songs that are warnings to the stupid girls of the world. They are two songs with similar messages but the same title “stupid girl”. These songs need to exist and with the state of the world and the messages that females of all ages get on a daily basis. The garbage song stupid girl tells it like it is Shirley Manson the lead singer really put stupid girls in their place is. The song was originally released by the band in 1995. The video is nitty and gritty and just perfect for the alternative music genre as it was at the time.

I read the lyrics to garbage is stupid girl, and they are just perfect as they were then they are now and much needed today like they were needed then. In this song, the garbage song, stupid girl, it’s giving a much-needed telling off to fake and poser girls of the world with lyrics like don’t believe in Faith don’t believe in anybody that you can’t break really really really tells it like it is and puts stupid of that type in their places because quite frankly, it’s a necessity that was needed. Just like pink stupid girls song is needed as well.

The message is simple and self-explanatory. Like I said it’s like saying hey stupid don’t be a fake and don’t be a poser. OK. Don’t go around saying you’re into something but you’re not just so you can go along with the crowd and and don’t be something you’re not. The song is angst and angry and basically it needs to be because it’s gone on for far too long and it’s still going on and yet this song needs to exist like I said. I think God that garbage wrote this song and performed it and put it out. Also, they did good work by putting out this song that’s why this song is a hit for them and they went onto other successes, musical successes you know because they are band.

I thought this song was really cool as I do today as I did then I even had a Shirley Manson poster and a garbage poster combined that I hung on my wall because of that. I love the fact that the lyrics of this song, stupid girl by garbage don’t be around the bush at all it’s not sugary it’s not sweet it’s bitter it’s angry as I said, and it goes for the jugular of stupid girls that do this kind of stuff. Well done to the band Garbage!

Next is the P!nk offering of “Stupid Girl” hers is no less sweeter than that of Garbage. She adds a bit of a sense of humor to it in the lyrics and the music video because quite frankly things that stupid girls do deserve to be really mocked and parodied and she does a fantastic job doing that. You know something there are boys who are just as stupid as the two songs and there should be bands and artists who are brave enough to let it be known.

In the video for P!nk’s song it’s a really powerful and positive message for little girls and women alike. Don’t be what society says that you have to be. I thank God each and every day that my cousins are two of the smartest and level headed women that I know and quite frankly they were never stupid girls ever my cousins have always been way to smart for the trap that a lot of girls fall into. Thanks so much for reading.

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