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Taylor Swift's single, "Look What You Made Me Do," became the most watched music video in 24 hours with the most plays in a single day on Spotify. It also topped a lot of music charts all around the world. The song shows a change in Taylor Swift as opposed to the sweet country girl she started off as.

Apparently this song samples "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred. I had no idea about this and I've listened to both songs a lot of times and I have failed to see where this has been sampled. I'm sure if I look for it, then I will be sure to find it. But it's wonderfully subtle so far.

The drastic change in ego and fashion is shocking and intriguing. Many artists before her have gone through this change such as Madonna, Christina Aguilera, and currently, Miley and Katy Perry. But it's the influx of accessible covers and parodies to this song that has helped inspired that makes this song really compelling.

It's overplayed and overhyped, but I'm still drawn to the catchiness and the small details added to the song which makes me feel that this song is a personal song to Taylor Swift. So I have decided to write an article sharing and listing all of my favourite covers and parodies of this song because lately, I've been addicted to them.

I find this cover to be really hilarious. I like the use of autotune and how Taylor, as portrayed by Bart Baker, slowly becomes demonic and I like how Bart Baker shows the conflicts between Katy Perry and Kanye West. The demon thing is really consistent and I think that the lyrics show the inner thoughts of Taylor Swift if she behaved like a Tumblr Unique Snowflake. I love the reference to "Shake It Off."

This parody is so amusing and also very creative. I love the use of suspicious recipes and his Italian accent makes me think of Mario from the Super Mario Games. The best line is "I'll be rich on this 'cause I invest in stock." It's amazing how he keeps in time with the original melody.

This list would not be complete without our current American President. It goes to show how to autotune can make anybody sound like they can sing. I think I may like this even more than the original version. Sorry, Taylor!

Taylor Swift is played as a spoilt kid with no friends, but she's looking for more people to diss to make more songs about in this new parody. I think Taylor Swift would enjoy all these parodies because she likes to make fun of herself once in a while, as shown in the end of her video.

Recorded by Malinda Kathleen Reese, this humorous song proves the magic and wonders of abusing Google Translate. I really love the theatrical vibe to this song and the additional monologue makes it even more hilarious and has great depth.

Oh gosh, this is simply amazing, especially how this includes all my favourite Disney Villians and keeps the tone and voices of their characters. It's a perfect thing to watch for Halloween.

Chloe Gilholy
Chloe Gilholy
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