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by hoang vy pham 3 days ago in movie review


The film records the day of Cam, an emergency doctor, from rescuing a child injured in a car accident to the end of the child being rescued in the hospital -- but I have read the film introduction, and know that things are not so simple. After watching the movie, I don't know what theme the movie wants to highlight. Is it the EMT's mission to save lives? Or is the plight of veterans in urgent need of attention? Is it an American soldier battle-hardened and majestic? Or are the gangs smart, brave and equipped? Is LA Downtown full of tall buildings, diverse and inclusive? Or is LA a bad place, with bad cops, robberies, shootings and shoot-outs? The end of the film specially highlights the LA in AMBULANCE, which is to let people know about LA through the film. But to be honest, the only impression I had left was that LA was a bad cop.

The movie is also full of exaggerations and contradictions. Will can join the army despite coming from a gangster family. ", risking their lives to serve their country and then living a hard life forced to take risks. , he's a very strong driver, but he doesn't have a job. ", participated in a bank robbery when he "wanted to be a good person", and turned a blind eye to the policemen and civilians who were killed in his escape, but insisted on saving the lives of the EMT and injured policemen on the ambulance. . The director too wanted to create a complex and positive leading role, to love and righteousness, to love the country and family, to honor thieves, out of the mud and unstained, but there are many loopholes. Will brother underworld eldest brother Danny, a heavy sentiment high IQ criminals, robbed dozens of Banks by the FBI on record without changing face can also be at large, wealth does not support their brothers, but as a shrewd boss play around can tolerate goofs off his death (the beginning hair male and paint the cuckold husband). The hijacked ambulance's fuel tank must be connected to the gas station, and it's fast and invincible. The police relied on sheer numbers and firepower, but had no strategy, no arrogance, and half of the subsequent losses and casualties were due to police misconduct. Police leaders love dogs more than colleagues, have high-tech but can not see the underworld car is automatic driving, the top of the machine gun surrounded empty cars, inexplicable in the final sacrifice. The director presumably intended the police leader to have some sense of humor, but he was only mildly unprofessional in the end. The cop who was held hostage suffered gunshot wounds and blood loss, AED, and was sewed up with a rookie bullet, but woke up red-faced and in good spirits. Bad Danny was shot and arrested even in the hospital compound but no one to save, but are watching, this is not in line with the humanitarian spirit? Not to mention the money Will's wife stashed away. How does a large fortune with no source evade the police and taxes? 32 m half has been seized by the police, and the rest of the money in the 8 m is Danny to the underworld, cries the men fled the brothers haven't seen him back to the ambulance, the black package removed chase away part of the money, the way most of the car at least 8 m, and even the packaging is complete, the follow-up investigation is very easy to find out a bag of money.

Despite the inconsistencies and double targets, the film is full of a whiff of rightness. The habitual gangsters of the two robbers are white, and the good veterans are black; Two policemen fall in love at work time is hijacked white brother, the maintenance of colleagues for colleagues revenge is black brother; The white police officer (who was killed) is always wrong in judgment but arrogant. The bravest and most intelligent man is the FBI guy who comes out of the closet. I really don't understand what the significance of the movie is to interspersed with the FBI guy who comes out of the closet, whether he is gay or not doesn't affect his professional level. It's not that the story couldn't have happened that way, but it all adds up to a deliberate, or "attention."

But I am quite satisfied with the ending of the main characters, basically in accordance with tit-for-tat arrangement. Will shot the police, but also because he saved his life was treated, Will's wife got the money can be treated, EMT whole body and back. Just a nameless policeman and a nameless passer-by wounded and killed in a gun chase.

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