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'Watchmen:' A Review
13 days ago
Before I begin, I'll offer a fair warning that this review may contain story spoilers, and is about the graphic novel only, not the movie. The Watchmen story written by Alan Moore, with art by Dave Gi...
'Doctor Strange 2' Might Not Be Happening
2 months ago
We've all seen the latest Infinity War trailer, which shows an ominous picture of the Sorcerer Supreme in some very serious trouble. While I, like most fans, suspected this to be just a tease and ther...
'The Greatest Showman': A Review
4 months ago
As a huge fan of musical theatre, the moment I heard there would be a new musical movie I was already on the edge of my seat wanting to buy tickets. I then saw Hugh Jackman in the title role and my in...
Hugh Jackman Said to be Considering Wolverine Return
4 months ago
Fans of the Hugh Jackman turn as the Wolverine character have seen him appear on screen as the character a total of 9 times so far, and despite the fact that Logan was said to be his final swansong, t...
8 Disappointing Things About 'LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2'
4 months ago
Don’t get me wrong, I could play as LEGO Star Lord all day, mostly holding the B button to listen to his jams and watch him dance around. Other than that, however, I was unfortunately very disappointe...
Stan Lee Accused of Sexual Harassment
4 months ago
The 95-year-old comic legend and cameo star of pretty much every Marvel movie made over the past decade or so has been accused of groping and sexually harassing the nurses who care for him at his home...