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5 Animals That Are Basically Pokémon

by The One True Geekology about a year ago in wild animals

They're cute, fierce and ready for battle!

There's no shortage of animals and objects that Pokémon creators can draw from, yet these five animals have not yet been adapted into the Pokémon world. They're practically there already, so let's take a look and see how they'd fit in!

1. Pink Fairy Armadillo (Fairy/Steel)

Pink Fairy Armadillo

If you read our '10 amazing animals' post, I'm sure you knew this little guy would crop up again. He's pink, he's cute, and he's itching to be cast in the next Pokémon release. I imagine him to be a Fairy/Steel type, sweet as candy with a hard shell to crack. It would have a high defence and be found in limited grassy areas, much like the Pink Fairy Armadillo itself which is endemic to Argentina.

2. Peacock Spider (Bug/Psychic)

Sparklemuffin, the Peacock Spider

He is the Dancing Queen. This adorable spider has beautiful iridescent scales used in it's mating dance, and an opportunity to add a new signature move. I imagine the move to be similar to Teeter Dance; a dance which causes confusion in all Pokémon adjacent to the user or Attract; a move causing the opposing Pokémon to fall in love with the user. This Pokemon would be found in the traditional forest area. To reflect the Peacock Spider's colouring and abilities, I've paired the traditional 'Bug' typing with Psychic.

3. Jerboa (Ground/Fighting)


Ok, we all know that a cute rodent can only mean one thing: a Pika-Clone. The Jerboa would likely become Electric type and largely ignored for anything other than cute factor, but consider for a moment that it could be it's own Pokémon. This desert-dwelling mammal would certainly be Ground type, and I've paired it with Fighting on account of it's long, strong legs and tail. I'd love to see a tiny, rodent-themed fighting Pokémon that condenses it's power in a similar fashion to Ant-Man: a devastating kick in a miniscule package. This Pokémon would be found in a desert area.

4. Platypus (Water/Poison)


We can only assume that the Platypus is too odd already to be transformed into a Pokémon. Why else would you leave out such an asset? I've given it the blindingly obvious type of Water/Poison, though in an Australian-themed game I wouldn't object to seeing a Platypus themed Dragon type. This Pokémon would be found in wet areas, such as Kalos' Route 14 (Laverre Nature Trail).

5. Honduran White Bat (Grass/Flying)

Honduran White Bat

We're finishing with another one of my personal favourites, and my favourite type of bat, the Honduran White Bat. This central-American fluff ball is known for making it's own tents out of leaves, thus the Grass typing. It has a beautiful and unusual colouring, and the cutest little leaf nose you'll ever see. There are nowhere near enough bat-themed Pokémon, and the Honduran White would make a great addition, especially if they went with the criminally underused Grass/Flying type. Naturally, it would be found at night in forested areas and would have a signature move either relating to leaves or berries.

Those are my five Pokémon that would make good animals - I mean animals that would make good Pokémon... are we sure these adorable creatures do actually exist? Either way, that's the end of my list but I would love to see yours! Share your thoughts via Facebook or Twitter and be sure to tag @itsGeekology.

Until then, I leave you with this advice: don't throw Pokéballs at real animals, it makes them mad.


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