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Which Classes Should Be Included In Diablo IV

Diablo 4: which classes will make the cut, and which will be retired?

By The One True GeekologyPublished 4 years ago 4 min read
Diablo III and IV Character Classes

Diablo has brought us some great classes over the years. For Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo III, the designers intended that each class correspond to a classical fantasy archetype. Blizzard wanted to do new classes as much as possible, or at least, do new twists on former archetypes. The class design intended that there be 3 to 5 iconic skills for each class.

It was decided that the classes be actual individuals with backstories, separate from their predecessors which had depicted archetypes rather than actual characters. With Diablo IV creators aiming to create a darker game with added realism, it isn’t too far fetched to think they will be taking a similar approach with the new classes.

The First Three

(Left to Right) Barbarian, Sorceress, Druid

Diablo IV plans to release five classes to begin with, presumably including others in expansion packs as they have in previous games. There are three currently confirmed for the initial release;

Barbarian; a brutal, physical warrior with unparalleled strength. The Barbarian is fuelled by her wrath and is capable of dual wielding an array of powerful weapons.

Druid; the master of shapeshifting didn’t get a chance to make his appearance in Diablo III, getting passed over for the Necromancer. Utilising the forces of nature, he summons wild beasts and raging storms to his side.

Sorceress; with the unrelenting power of the elements at her fingertips, the sorceress is a staple of the Diablo lore and provides a high risk high reward magical powerhouse for you to smite your foes.

What's Next?

The first question we want answered is ‘who else will be added to the starting roster’? Well, looking at the previous classes we feel the most likely options include the Necromancer, the Monk and the Crusader. The Necromancer has proven popular in previous games, while the Monk and Crusader provide an alternate style to the rugged, nature-based counterparts that have been chosen already.

Crusader, Official Diablo III Artwork

Another viable option would be for the Rogue to make a comeback, with an updated skillset. A Diablo IV Rogue could carry a dagger in their off-hand and deal damage over time effects such as bleed and poison. Their non-combat moves should centre around fast movement and disappearing into shadows, while their combat abilities aim to despatch enemies before they realise they’re being attacked.

A ninja by any other name, this Rogue carries traits of Diablo III’s Demon Hunter and Monk, while bringing a stealthy melee fighter into the mix. Iconic skills could include a poisonous strike in the fashion of the Monk’s ‘Seven Sided Strike’, hitting several foes and leaving them poisoned, as well as a buff which makes the Rogue’s evasion rise for every 10% of health they lose.

This being said, we also have some ideas for new classes that we would love to see in the Diablo world;

The Bard

Bard (Artist Unknown)

Flurries of arcane musical notes, sassy comebacks and an array of colourful off-hand musical instruments. This is far from the uncompleted Bard of Diablo: Hellfire, this is the new, grittier, Diablo IV Bard. He would deal devastating area attacks to all who could hear him, and his skill set would be littered with fun musical names.

Iconic skills would include a banshee screech targeting enemies in front of you, a twirl resembling the ‘strafe’ move with arcane music notes being hurled from the player, and ‘wall of sound’ which damages enemies that cross it.

The Illusionist

A crowd control specialist that favours misdirection and mischief, the Illusionist can not only stun and slow enemies, she would also have an array of unusual damaging spells. She would be able to conjure up exploding images, set traps, possibly even ‘jail’ enemies or ‘slow time’. By the time foes realise they have been conned, it will be too late.

Iconic skills would include a version of the ‘jailing’ effect, a bombardment of colourful lights that replenished resource and stun opponents, and a version of Diablo III’s Wizard’s ‘slow time’. Included in her passive abilities would be a traditional ‘death save’ in the form of creating clones when the illusionist falls below 10% life.

We’re still waiting to see what classes will complete the line-up, but we’re fairly certain Blizzard Entertainment won’t stop at just those five. Until then, what classes do you hope will make the cut?

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