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The movie buff that can tell you about the latest releases, especially in the sci-fi and comic/superhero world.

10 Gifts for 'Supernatural' Fans in Your Life
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Certain TV shows have quickly achieved a cult-like following. The show Supernatural is one of those shows that made a rapid ascent to that cult status. If you are reading this, then chances are you're...
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Admit it or not, just about all of us are hopeless romantics to an extent. Whether we enjoy seeing others romantically involved or enjoy a good romance ourselves, most of us have a desire for love, an...
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Since Marvel Comics was originally introduced as Timely Comics in 1939, the comic company has been all the rage. Today, Marvel fans still rave about both print and electronic versions of their favorit...
11 Reasons Why People Love Captain America
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While Captain America, also known as Steve Rogers, was introduced in comic book form decades before some of Marvel's more well-known characters (like Spider-Man and the Hulk), Captain America is still...
10 Must Read Books About the War in Afghanistan
7 months ago
We’ve been at war for well over a decade now. Even though the conflicts have settled down, there are still men and women in Afghanistan and Iraq serving their country with honor. The Middle East is st...