Natasha Doster

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Home Remedies for Arthritis
6 months ago
Arthritis is inflammation of one or more joints in the body. People will experience pain, swelling, and stiffness in the joints, as well as a decreased motions in your body. It's estimated that 52 mil...
Living with Migraine Attacks
9 months ago
Thirty-million people in America live with a common disorder called a Migraine attack. Migraine headaches affect adults, children and the elderly. Research has found that migraine headaches can also l...
Life Choices
9 months ago
You only get one life to live. I believe it's important to become the best version of yourself. No one is perfect but you should want to try to be a good person. I have been having a hard time lately ...
9 months ago
You left me angry crying hurt and pain in my heart. You choose to leave me alone to deal with all this alone. I can't think,eat or sleep cause heartbroken I wonder if I disappear would anyone notice t...
How to Use Your Cell Phone to Protect Your Health
10 months ago
What are the long-term effects of using your cell phone? 95 percent of American own a cell phone. 78 percent of teenagers and children own a cell phone. The average age for a child purchasing their fi...
10 months ago
We come from two different backgrounds but we share something special. I can feel this intense passion for one another. We have built a bond that I can laugh at awkward things with you. I love how we ...