We come from two different backgrounds but we share something special.

I can feel this intense passion for one another.

We have built a bond that I can laugh at awkward things with you.

I love how we understand each other different quirks.

I'm able to share my good and bad moments with you

I can be open and free to give you my trust.

I want to bring you into my world

You bring this glow to my face and cheerful pitch in my voice.

I feel nervous with butterflies in my stomach.

This is something new to me and I never trust anyone as I trust.

I will take a leap of hope, faith, and love to be with you.

I feel so comfortable with my boo.

I have this passion and deep love for you.

I feel like you complete a piece missing in my life.

You gave me something special that I have only dreamed.

You treat me like a queen and I can't imagine my world without you.

You light up my world when I felt so lost in life.

I feel like I can be myself with you,

You bring the best of me, out into the world.

When we are apart from each other.

I start to daydream about you.

I can be quiet but I want you to know that I don't take you for granted.

You mean so much me, because you are my boo.

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Natasha Doster
Natasha Doster
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