Natalie Lennard

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I am a fine-art photographer and mother based in the UK, creating Birth Undisturbed, an award-winning series staging scenes of childbirth. ( All proceeds from clicks and tips go toward the next in the series.

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Why I'm Obsessed with the Bloodshed of Birth
3 days ago
When I was little, I was curious about childbirth simply because it was never talked about. A woman would grow a baby in her belly, it would become a big bump, then one day, a baby appeared as if by m...
There's a Deeper Secret Why Women Have Waterbirths
10 days ago
Waterbirth might seem like a modern fad. Social media is full of images of women in the iconic blue blow-up pool, wearing bikinis and surrounded by loved ones, breathing their baby down with Hypno tec...
Why You Could Be Getting Your Due Date 8 Days Wrong
16 days ago
What’s in the picture above? It’s a due date wheel. When you book in for your first pregnancy appointment, they use this wheel to line up your LMP (last menstrual period) to calculate the EDD, the est...
There's Something that Should Happen in Every Birth, that You've Probably Never Heard Of
22 days ago
Today, most births take place in hospital—at least in the modern Western world. Only 50 years ago, most births took place at home, but now it’s typical to pack your bag for hospital and deliver your b...
The Four Radical Things the Queen Did in Her Last Birth
a month ago
Royal homebirth has been in the press a lot lately. Both Kate Middleton and Megan Markle considered having their babies at home, and just their suggestion was poignant—Royal homebirth hasn't been the ...
What One Woman Said to this Doctor that Changed Childbirth Forever
a month ago
On a rainy night in 1911, an English doctor is called to a woman in a slum in London. He parks his bicycle outside and enters to find a woman in labour. The room is lit by one candle, with the window ...