Mr. Davis

Horror-centric YouTuber who's looking to branch out a small bit. We'll try this out and see how it goes!

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The Story of Charles Whitman: The Texas University Tower Shooter
2 days ago
Charles Whitman has gone down in history as the University of Texas Tower Shooter. A man who served his country proudly and would eventually suffer from mental illness and bouts of extreme aggression,...
The Shocking Story of the UK's Youngest Killer: Mary Bell
7 days ago
WARNING: This case involves shocking violence against two children, by another child. This isn't for the faint of heart.
Strange Unsolved Deaths That NEED Explanations
12 days ago
Will these ever be solved?
3 Cold Cases Solved in 2018
15 days ago
Some cases sit unsolved for a year. Some stay unsolved and forgotten for 10, or 20 years. When they’re not forgotten and are constantly brought into the light, it can bring about incredible revelation...
"Based on True Events" Is a Problem. Here's Why
6 months ago
Think about some of the most common tropes in horror movies. You've got gore, sex, and all that fun stuff, but there is one trope that seems to be exploited. The idea of a movie being "based on a true...
'Pokémon Go' Helped My Anxiety
6 months ago
Anxiety is a funny thing to wrap your head around. It exists in everyone but some have it worse than others. Some never let it see the light of day, and some, like myself, bottle it until it explodes ...