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Two of The SCARIEST Locations in North Dakota

by Mr. Davis 8 months ago

Would you visit these?

The Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm

Erected in 1876 this beautiful, two-story brick house is home to a slew of ghostly apparitions, and strange happenings. The museum itself is far from scary and simply houses small attractions for young children to visit and interact with as a way to learn something new. But as it turns out, there may be someone there watching over the children to make sure they don’t have too much fun. There are two spirits that are said to live in the house; one is an older woman who was married to the man who owned the farm all those years ago, and another is a small child who is said to hang around a well on the property.

The woman’s name is Sarah Yunker and while seeing her as a kid may send you running from the building she’s been described as a welcoming presence. She is said to mostly hang around the children’s activity area as she loved taking care of children while she was alive. The small child near the well? Her story is a little more heartbreaking. The belief is that she fell into the well at a young age and unfortunately lost her life. From what I’ve read she has never taken to visiting the museum herself, and so if you want to see her, you’ll have to visit the well.

But not everything lurking after dark will be sweet or just leave you alone. There are reports of other, unseen entities, that apparently have some serious effects on visitors. Some have reported shortness of breath, or feeling faint after being in the house for a long time. Some have felt gusts of cold air, or chest pains. If none of these things phase you then by all means take your little one on a trip to Yunker Farm just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

North Dakota State University

If you’re enrolled here, I’d like to apologize in advance because this place is much creepier than the last. To begin, the school was built in 1883 so it has definitely seen quite a bit of people in and out over the years. It's no wonder some of them stuck around and are said to still be there to this say. The first place of activity is the Ceres Hall, specifically the third floor.

There have been reports of a man, sometimes only seen as a figure, walking about the halls of the third floor. Many believe this man could be traced back to a young man who took his own life by hanging from a heating pipe in the midst of World War II. But he isn’t the only thing roaming around up there. Many students report feeling incredibly uneasy, watched, and nauseous if they were to spend too much time up there. The basement is said to be worse.

Yeah, if you thought you could escape by traveling to lower ground, you’d be wrong. The basement of the Ceres Hall is also home to feelings of paranoia, nausea, that feeling of being watched, and even followed. It triggers a fight or flight response from many, and most choose to flee.

Finally, Minard Hall is also a hot spot for terrifying tales. Way back, in the 1920’s, the Minard Hall attic (located on the fourth floor) was actually a dance hall. One night a janitor made their way up there to clean, only to find two bodies. Their deaths, assumed to be a double-homicide, were never solved. Years down the road, in the 1960’s the entire 4th floor was closed off as the floors were beginning to become unsafe for anyone to walk on. Of course, kids will be kids and many claim they’ve been up there but vow to never return after getting feelings of being watched, and the overwhelming feeling of not being the only one’s there. Perhaps someone is upset that their dance routine was interrupted.

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