Lewis Robinson

Finding What's Best for Your Business
a day ago
3 Apps That Will Help Your HR Department Stay Organized
Prevent Accidents by Maintaining a Safe Home
a day ago
The number of Americans that die each year due to accidents taking place in the home is greater than 18,000. This means that the home is the second most prevalent location for fatalities in this vein....
How to Make a Difference as a Company
10 days ago
Everybody, even the CEO of a big company, wants to leave their mark on the world—creating a positive difference for others. We all have the power to make a difference, but how much more as a company, ...
5 Ways to Gain a More Positive Outlook
11 days ago
It appears some people are born with a “happy gene.” Others are blessed with a dark cloud that follows them around wherever they go. It’s true that attitude is everything. A sour attitude from someone...
How You're Losing Money
17 days ago
As a business owner, one of your main objectives should be to plug any financial leaks within your business. It’s tempting to ignore such leaks when your business is profiting. Why bother fixing what’...
Think Outside the Box: Ways of Making Your Start Up Successful
17 days ago
"Thinking outside of the box" became a popular slogan in the days when innovation was not as implemented as it is today. What if we took a different approach and decided that there was never a box, li...