6 Tips to Cleaning Your Home Quickly Every Time

by Lewis Robinson 12 months ago in house

Having a hard time keeping up with you and your kids's messes? Some tips on how to clean and maintain your home.

6 Tips to Cleaning Your Home Quickly Every Time

Everyone loves a clean house. We have good news: There are six things you can do or keep on hand for fast and efficient cleaning. For example, keeping baking soda available and mixing it with two parts water for how to get blood out of a mattress.

The most important skill to develop is organization. Having an organized home is the key to how expediently you can clean it. You can read all the advice you want, but if this skill is not in place, it won't work as well. This takes us to the first point:

1. Organize all of your cleaning supplies.

You should have one room or closet that stores all the cleaning supplies for your home. If it's a big place, keep some supplies for the kitchen and bathroom in a handy spot, but all other chemicals and equipment should be in one space.

Having every cleaning supply organized will help you know where to look when it is time to clean. Rather than just putting them in a closet, I would even recommend dividing them by project. For example, all the bathroom supplies in one section, window supplies in another, and so on.

The second, most important tool to have is a cleaning tool carrier. Buy two of them if you have a large house. When you want to do a quick and easy cleaning job, grab a caddy and fill it with what you need.

2. Think like a professional.

When a maid charges by the hour, they must be organized. Time is money. Professional cleaners may even set goals and time limits as they clean. This increases both productivity and saves you time.

3. Work from Top to Bottom.

Clean all items above the waist first. The dirt will fall to the ground from the top. This will save you time, as you will not have to clean the same area twice. A prime example of this is with counters and floors: First wipe off the counters, and then sweep off the floors.

4. Do wet first then dry areas.

The areas that are considered "wet" are the kitchen and bathroom. These rooms are messy when you clean them. Splashing and chemical splatter may occur. When this happens, you may have to clean the dry areas again. By starting with the wet areas, you get the hardest part out of the way first and avoid having to repeat what you have already cleaned.

5. Keep your body healthy.

Your body can be affected by regular housekeeping. Working on your hands and knees will cause back issues. When cleaning baseboards, use this method: Attach a dryer sheet to a Swiffer and dust the baseboard. Washing dishes can cause repetitive injury. To avoid heavy scrubbing, place a Swiffer sheet in soapy water along with a pan. In an hour, drain the water. The grime on the pan will wipe away.

6. Clean with Citrus and Sugar.

This next tip will save you time and money. Cut a grapefruit open and dip it in sugar. Scrub the tub and shower out with the grapefruit. The sugar is an abrasive, and the citric acid cuts the soap scum.

These six tips are simple things that any person can do. As humans, we will spend a significant amount of time cleaning. Don't let the time be any longer than it has to be. These tips will help you shave hours off of your cleaning time.

Lewis Robinson
Lewis Robinson
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