Kenan Goyette

Carolina Panthers & NFL Writer | UW-Milwaukee Journalism Grad | head baller, shot caller

The Eagles Are Feeling It in Philly
3 months ago
There’s something cooking in Philly, and it ain’t the cheesesteaks. It’s the Eagles, who on the back of a second-year quarterback, have established themselves as the team to beat in not just the NFC b...
Please Don't Panic, Browns
3 months ago
It’s Week 6 in the 2017 NFL season and we’re already discussing the possibility of the Cleveland Browns, once again, obtaining the first overall pick in next years’ draft. Death, taxes and the Browns ...
Time to Panic in Cincinnati
4 months ago
If they haven’t already, it appears to be time to hit the panic button in Cincinnati. After years of overall mediocrity and a few above average seasons sprinkled it, this Bengals team has come crashin...
Catching Fire: Ranking the Hottest of the NFL’s Final Four
4 months ago
The Super Bowl is in sight, folks, and you would be hard-pressed to find four hotter teams in football right now. But it’s also tougher than ever to pick the Super Bowl matchup. In the AFC, you have t...
2016 NFL Playoff Teams: Fluke or for Real?
4 months ago
For as many times as the Patriots make it to the AFC Championship game and the Packers put themselves in the playoff picture, each year there are multiple teams that seemingly come out of the blue to ...
The Underrated Signings of the NFL’s March Madness
4 months ago
The NFL new year is, season after season, one of the wildest time periods in all of sports. During the middle of the first full week of March each year, one of the craziest and maddest events kicks of...