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'Midsommar' Is a Flawed, But Effectively Scary Horror Film with Great Performances
2 months ago
I don't know about you, but I've never found the appeal of cults. I mean, one minute, they're dancing and drinking and smoking weed, and then the next, they're MURDERING YOU. And because of this movie...
All 8 Spider-Man Movies RANKED!
2 months ago
One of the most famous Marvel superheroes is Spider-Man. We all know the classic origin story of the teenager who gets bitten by a radioactive spider and transforms into the web-shooting, wall-climbin...
'Spider Man: Far From Home' Is a Delightfully Entertaining Superhero Film that Doesn't Quite Top Its Predecessor
2 months ago
Before I watched this movie, I thought it was about time to watch all of the other Spider-Man movies, and here are my quick thoughts. Spider-Man (2002) was good, Spider-Man 2 was great, Spider-Man 3 w...
The Perfect Order to Watch All the 'X-Men' Movies
2 months ago
Last year, I published an article called, "The Perfect Order to Watch the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Movies," where I wrote about the Spaghetti Order, an MCU watch order that connects each Marvel...
All 4 'Men In Black' Films Ranked!
2 months ago
A few weeks ago, Men In Black: International arrived in theaters. Although I was mildly entertained by it, I was not a fan. Click here to see my review. Watching this spin-off made me think back to th...