Eddie Wong

Lives in Malibu, California. Loves movies. Cutting expert, lover of Final Cut Pro 7. Parents wanted him to be a doctor, but he just wants to edit.

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Turn Your iPhone Into a 360 Degree Camera with the Insta360 Nano
9 days ago
The standard camera on an iPhone is good, but it's probably not good enough to really talk about in a circle of serious photographers. Even my friends who have their own small businesses legitimately ...
11 Books About UFOs That Will Make You Think
a month ago
When you see a UFO sighting story, do you pick up the book, or scoff and walk onward? If you're one of those who have decided to flip open the pages, you know that these books are great for enthusiast...
The 11 Best Landscape Photobooks Ever Published
a month ago
The best landscape photobooks grace bookshelves across the nation, and bring happiness to any who may open their pages. Landscape photography is already a delight many amateur photographers and outdoo...
10 Artistic Ways to Use a Disposable Camera
a month ago
Photographers who are used to shooting with digital cameras don't realize that there are still several ways to use a disposable camera with excellent results. The old ways are sometimes inconvenient a...
Best Photography Filters for Instagram
2 months ago
You hear a lot of jokes about Instagram photographers, but there are several artistic, creative photography filters for Instagram that result in breathtaking pictures. It is one of the best mobile app...
How to Hack Proof Your Cryptocurrency Investments
6 months ago
Ever since the big Bitcoin blowup late last year, everyone has been wanting to get in on cryptocurrencies. However, most people just go in without doing any research on storage or purchasing solutions...