E.J. Hagadorn

Author, traveler, and artist, I like to visit the places people write about, and write about the places I visit.



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Lights, Camera, Nevermore!
5 days ago
The works of Edgar Allan Poe have struck many a chord with filmmakers over the years. There are plenty of professionally made, studio-produced films based on Poe's stories, and they do all right in th...
So You Want to Work on a Cruise?
22 days ago
It’s not surprising how many people want to work on a cruise ship. The idea of living and working on a boat, sailing out to sea and seeing new places, has a certain kind of romance about it. Just know...
Paul Revere's Ride
a month ago
I know of few poems that have had the lasting and far-reaching effects of Paul Revere’s Ride. Recite the first line of Longfellow’s poem and most Americans will answer with the second. That is a rare ...
The Sourtoe Cocktail Club
a month ago
What if I told you that there was a drink, served in a certain hotel bar, the secret ingredient of which was a dismembered human toe? In the heart of Dawson City, YT, Canada, is the Sourdough Saloon, ...