Chuck Hinson

Chuck Hinson is a freelance writer who also works as a record promoter and press agent for musical acts in the US, Australia and the UK.  

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How Country Music Influenced the Love of a Family
5 months ago
If you grew up with country music blaring from your radio, you know that, no matter how old you are, those old songs can evoke some mighty pleasant memories. Sometimes, they seem to coincide with even...
The Miracle of "Firsts"
6 months ago
The year was 1965. My father was in the garden one afternoon, picking green beans when I arrived home from the school bus stop. He waved at me as I came into the yard and hollered, "Hey, son! How was ...
When Lightning Struck My Heart
7 months ago
On April 8, 2015, my kitchen floor was full of muddy footprints. At around five-thirty that afternoon, I'd come in from one of the saddest moments of my adult life: burying my best friend—a Maine Coon...
Lessons from a Bipolar Angel
8 months ago
Bipolar disorder, aka “Manic Depression”. In courtroom dramas, they're words often brought into play to describe a defendant's criminal behavior; in real life, I've heard them used as a crude verbal s...
You're Now Leaving... THE COMFORT ZONE!
8 months ago
Whenever the words "comfort zone" pop up, someone invariably asks what it means. It's really quite simple: each of us has a way of doing things that's comfortable to us. From the time we get up (in fa...
Training That A Dog Can Live With
8 months ago
Anyone who has a canine buddy living with him knows the importance of obedience training. All too often, though, it’s the dog that ends up training the owner, thus making it hard to get Fido to comply...