Bill Shaffir

Lover of gangster films and worried about the future of artificial intelligence.

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The 10 Best Subscription Boxes for Military Wives
3 months ago
There is no question that the military forces of the United States are the strongest in the world. It is a badge most Americans wear with honor, and that fact is especially true among those who are af...
10 Ways to Help Military Wives Out
4 months ago
The military family community is a close-knit one in most areas; however, if there aren't a lot of military families where you're living, the life of a military wife is going to be an even more diffic...
The 10 Best Military Biographies of All Time
6 months ago
War is hell; there is no denying the atrocities committed during a time of such insurmountable strife. Unfortunately though, war is a reality that people have had to face as long as this species has w...
10 Fascinating Books About Car History You Need to Read
7 months ago
The best books about car history are appealing on several levels. They combine the history of a specific brand or construct of car with the history of the automotive industry as a whole, comparing the...
The 11 Best Books About NASCAR Drivers
7 months ago
NASCAR, or the National Association of Stock Car Racing, is a sport unlike any other. With cars that usually only last one race and drivers that risk their lives with every turn, you’ll find that thes...
How to Become a Car Collector
7 months ago
If you've ever wanted to become a car collector, you're not alone. Considered one of life's finer novelties, only the privileged few seem to have a car collection worth mentioning. These hobbyists, wh...