Banji Ganchrow

Self-proclaimed writer, masters in social work. Has driven 3 sons to 22 baseball stadiums. Hopes, because of this, they will never put her in a nursing home.

Holy Crap I'm 40: Boys Will Be Boys Edition
2 years ago
Just because you are older, doesn't mean that you are wiser. Especially when it comes to your children. Even more so if you are raising boys when you, yourself, are a girl. So here I am, a 40 year old...
Holy Crap I'm 40: Yoga Edition
2 years ago
Exercising in your 40s is very important. A body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body that sits in a recliner, tends to rarely get up from the recliner. So even though I am a fan of eating, I ...
Holy Crap I'm 40: Sagging Edition
3 years ago
I am writing this one right after turning 40. The reality has set in. This is it. I am not going to anymore sweet 16's, unless my sons decide that they want to have one. I will not be making out with ...
Holy Crap I'm 40: Aerobic Edition
3 years ago
There are some amazing looking women in their 40s. How do they do it? I know that it is important to keep moving, which is ironic because it gets so much easier to hurt yourself as you age. If I bend ...
Holy Crap I'm 40: Invention Edition
3 years ago
Over the course of 40 years, lots of things happen. Good things, bad things-because when you think about it, 40 years is a really long time. In 1965, when Maxwell Smart was talking on a shoe phone, no...
Holy Crap I'm 40: Fat Mom Marathon Edition
3 years ago
When you only have boys, and they ask you to spend time with them, you say yes. Because you never know when they will ask you again. So when my eldest asked me if I wanted to do a half marathon with h...