Ayanda Mandlazi

Dare to dream, passionate about passion and above lover of all things different and uncomfortable. 

Single State of Mind
7 days ago
I think when I look back at my life, I have always been single. During my teen years, I befriended guys so I could figure them out so that I wouldn't be "played." I was obsessed with outsmarting boys;...
A Story About My Hero
13 days ago
Not all heroes wear capes, most certainly not mine. Here's Hugh Masekela, born and raised in South Africa, who became one of the most famous South African jazz exports to the world. Funny thing, I did...
They Hurt You, Then Leave You to Do the Work!
a month ago
"Heal your trauma" has become my personal mantra. I can tell people close to me are sick of hearing it, but I won't stop saying it because I believe in the truth of this statement.
The Truth About Dreams
a month ago
What does it take to follow your dreams, to see your dreams come to fruition? Is it worth the sleepless nights, the self-doubt that fills you up at every "no" you get? What keeps you going? For as lon...