Angel Perez

 I have had a passion for writing since I was a child. Writing has been my therapy.The rest is a mystery :)

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A Hypothetical Letter to the Homeless
6 months ago
It's no coincidence that this letter ended up in your hands. It was meant to find you. It was written for you specifically. It's not the act of a self righteous person searching for a way to feel bett...
Why Custody Cases Are a No Win Situation
7 months ago
When I was granted sole physical and legal custody of my daughter, the overwhelming response from most friends and family was, "Congratulations, Yay! You won! It's over," or some variation of that. By...
Car Insurance
10 months ago
I worked in the insurance business for several years. First in customer service, then in sales, and finally as an insurance agent. The main thing that stood out to me was that the majority of people h...
The Night That Time Stood Still
a year ago
I can still see it all so clearly yet it seems like a blur. How that contradiction is even possible is beyond me, but it is. I can attest to that. My little boy was in the backseat. I can still hear h...
Work Will Still Be There Tomorrow
a year ago
As I watch the sun kissed popplers sway in the morning breeze at the campsite, I see families pack up their belongings to head back to their lives. For some, this weekend was an annual vacation. For o...
Being Married to Iron Man
a year ago
My husband is a real life superhero. I don't just say that because he works hard and he's a good dad, I say it for many other reasons too. 1. Being that he's an ironworker, technically I can call him ...