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Dear Americans

by Angel Perez 2 months ago in opinion

A letter from America to Americans.

Don't be told what to think.

If you’re hoping to maintain your independence, then I'm begging you to wake up before things get much worse. It saddens me to see so many of you give up your freedoms and your rights to do and think for yourselves, despite the fact that so many true American patriots have risked so much to defend them. Free will, free thought, progress, unity, and much more is being lost or given away freely without even a second thought. These are not the Americans I know, the strong courageous children of this land that defend my honor with all they have, up to and at times even including their last breath.

Despite our strength and resilience I'm not going to try to pretend we are a nation without blemish. We’re not. We’ve made inexcusable choices and there will never be justification for the way we capitalized off of the backs of countless human beings throughout history. Unfortunately, some of those before us have treated many different groups of my children harshly and inhumanely and that will forever be a stain on our nation.

With that being said I will not stand by while we’re being fed the lie that we have not grown or moved forward at all since then. We have, and we have used the mistakes of our past to learn and change for the better, together. To mend our brokenness and mature as a country. So many Americans have marched, fought, and died to bring real growth and progress to our nation. Do not be fooled into thinking we are just as divided as we once were and that all of those sacrifices were in vain. Sadly, because of the current state of our nation, we are regressing in many ways.

Martin Luther King Jr. said he “dreamed of a day when little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers” and a day when “sons of former slaves and sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.” People are choosing to ignore the fact that in so many ways we do live in the days that MLK Jr. dreamed of. Descendants of slaves and slave owners can and do sit down together at the table of brotherhood, as well as school lunch tables, boardroom tables, and the kitchen table’s of their friend's houses. I've seen it first hand. I've experienced it in my home, my friends' homes, in many different cities, towns and states. Most people, especially children, do this without even giving a second thought to the fact that the person next to them looks nothing like them. Truthfully, even if they do notice they don't care! It’s not an issue until it’s pointed out as an issue. Which is why we are doing our children and our country a disserviced by making everything about race.

Yes, racism does still exist. Sadly it may always exist. And if we’re being completely honest, we need to acknowledge that it comes from people in every race towards people in every race. But that does not account for the overwhelming majority of our people. Then there is a large number of people who aren't what I would call racist but they just didn’t grow up around much diversity and they end up forming their opinions from music and movies (the media). There is an overwhelming amount of stereotypes in the entertainment industry. This is not coincidental. But I digress.

We're being manipulated by the media into believing we should be filled with guilt or hate towards ourselves or each other, because of this deep-seated racism that supposedly most people harbor. It’s not true. This is the very definition of an agenda. An underlying, often ideological plan. This particular plan is designed to create so much hate that we in turn allow it to divide and conquer. 

How else do you overthrow the strongest nation on the planet? Tear down the united front and turn everyone against each other. Then pump everyone full of hate and lies, slowly making us second guess our own thoughts, beliefs, intuition, and actions, to the point where we begin to censor ourselves and everyone around us. Next step, attempt to bully us into believing that our way of thinking is shameful, harmful and possibly even a crime, if it doesn’t coincide with the agenda being pushed. Divide us into groups centered on either self hate or victimhood. It's brilliant really, actually quite comical in a twisted way if you think about it. The very thing we’re built upon, the foundation of our nation, is the very thing we're giving away at an exponential rate. Our autonomy, our independence. They want us to believe that we need to be told what to do because we are too dumb and too filled with rage to make rational decisions for ourselves. While this is happening the rest of the world just sits back, laughs, and enjoys the show while patiently waiting for us to crumble from within. WAKE UP!

They (the media, parts of the government, etc.) can only be as influential as we let them be. They can only continue to create this hate and division if we let them. So something sounds wrong or seems off, it probably is. Trust your gut! Do your research! The media is fact checking any and all information and we are just blindly accepting it as truth. Do your own fact checking! If you think this isn’t political, if you think this isn’t about money and power, I’m sorry but you are very wrong. I assure you it is! Follow the trails, see where they lead you. You owe it to yourself to find and know the truth! At this rate we will soon have a civil war while the majority of American’s heads are left spinning in confusion because we’re fighting each other over rumors! It's ridiculous and the rational part of you knows it, but we're like frogs boiling in a pot of water, we won't know we're boiling to death until it's too late. This in turn opens the door to further pushing the narrative that we are too irrational and violence driven to make sound decisions for ourselves, so they'll say we need more governing and more laws to "protect" us.

If you listen to anything I have said here, please remember this. We are not as bad as they're trying to make us believe that we are. We are not all filled with hate and anger just waiting to release it on those of a different race than us. The majority of America is made up of good, kind people. We are rational and capable. We do not need to be told what to do and how to think. We treat others with dignity and respect. We believe in our fellow citizen unless they personally show us a reason not to. We help our friends in need, we rally around a sick co-worker and donate our time and money to help them. We look out for each other's kids, and we genuinely care about the well being of others. We do all of this regardless of race or ethnicity. We are not cumulatively bad people so do not believe the lies that tell you we are. Do not blindly hand away your God given rights because people who don’t even know you, fed you a false narrative to fill their pockets. It’s time to fight back. Not with weapons but with our minds. Truth and knowledge are powerful and the media and parts of the government are banking on the fact that we won’t question anything we read or hear. Prove them wrong! Show them and ourselves that we are better than they thought and assumed we are. Stop wasting so much time and energy trying to prove that you’re woke, and instead wake up my fellow Americans, wake up!


Angel Perez

I have had a passion for writing since I was a child. Writing has been my therapy.The rest is a mystery :)

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Angel Perez
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