Check Out that Dad Bod!

by Angel Perez 2 years ago in dating

Why Chubby Guys Are All the Craze

Check Out that Dad Bod!

As a woman, and more importantly as a mom, I prefer a man with the newly adored “Dad-Bod.” I feel like now a days a lot of moms do and I’m sure it's baffling the hell out of most of the trim and muscular men. Their moment is fading. All their hard work is being outshined by men who have never even stepped foot in a gym and who’s golden brown farmer's tan comes from working in the sun instead of tanning 3 times a week. Muscular men work hard to keep up their physique and they are probably feeling very defeated right about now. I hope they don’t get too down about it though. There are still a lot of woman who like to be tossed around in the throes of passion by a big hunky set of biceps. I'm just not one of them and it seems to be a growing trend. Here’s why (at least in my opinion).

I love to feel feminine especially in comparison to my partner. Nothing makes me feel more feminine than curling up on to a fluffy pillow-like belly. I like to be cuddled by a man who’s a little bigger than me, but not by a guy who’s prettier than me. No offense to the hunky boys, (I even dated a few when I cared more about what my friends thought of my boyfriends than what their personality was actually like.) but I would rather be with someone who’s waiting on me to get ready to go out, than vice versa. When your honey takes longer to be presentable than you do, it can be frustrating but humbling because you finally realize what most men go through daily. When a man is waxing and primping more than me, it’s hard to feel like the feminine beauty queen that most woman desire to feel like.

A man with a dad bod is usually a dad. This means he understands when you have to forgo your own personal appearance to take care of kids. Obviously not to the point of being a sloppy mess, but he can understand that you don’t have the time to spend hours a day on your appearance. This usually means that he’s an understanding partner and possibly even a good dad. C’mon ladies, there isn’t a set of abs in the world that can compare to that!

A dad bod also means that they know how to get down on some good food! They will always be up for checking out a new local restaurant. We can also look forward to lazy movie night’s vegging out on an assortment of junk food. Score!

If Hollywood has taught us anything it’s that chubby guys are almost always funny. Think about it for a minute; Kevin James, Chris Farley, Anthony Anderson, the Baluchi brothers. They are all hilarious with AT LEAST a bit of chubbiness, if not more. Maybe it’s because in high school they didn’t have a ripped body to make all the girls swoon so they needed wit and charm to use as a segue to the ladies. Whatever the reason, it definitely worked out in their favor. All that hard work (or lack thereof) is finally paying off.

The funny celebrities that lost their charmed chubbiness seemed to have lost their humor along with it. Johan Hill, Seth Rogan, and Chris Pratt are just a few that (as far as I can recall) haven’t taken on a comedy role since losing weight. It seems to be a package deal and that is fine by me.

You all can keep your superman’s, Thor’s, and Fabio’s and I'll keep rolling in laughter alongside a man with a belly that will jiggle at my jokes. As the guys say, “It’s more cushion for the pushing.”

Angel Perez
Angel Perez
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