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Steve Llano24 days ago
Missing The Debates? Don't Feel Bad
It feels pretty bad to be interested in politics but not want to sit through these three-hour candidate debates that keep cropping up. Featuring ten candidates—three or four you actually have heard of...
Rebekah B Lowri25 days ago
Geotagging Crisis - Keeping the Wilderness Wild
This photo may look wild and remote. But the truth is that we shared a path with hundreds, maybe even thousands of people with selfie sticks, hiking up the steep path to the iconic Storr. The road bel...
E DMa month ago
How to Tackle China, South Korea, and Japan in Less Than Three Weeks
The plan of tackling three countries in three weeks originated from being European and wanting to visit more than one country on our first trip to Asia. We therefore also chose countries that were "ob...
Marco Cardonia month ago
The Last Person to Finish 'Stranger Things' Series 3 Speaks (Spoiler Review)
In an age where a new streaming service pops up out of nowhere sooner than you can fart twice, (nice, I just found a wild Disney+ up my arse!) it’s hard to find any media property that has enough cult...
Rebecca Baileya month ago
“I couldn’t be a Foster Parent, I worry I would get attached.” Foster parents hear this a lot, I mean A LOT. At least once a week, almost this exact phrase. We smile and nod, or just shrug our shoulde...
Natalie Lennarda month ago
The Four Radical Things the Queen Did in Her Last Birth
Royal homebirth has been in the press a lot lately. Both Kate Middleton and Megan Markle considered having their babies at home, and just their suggestion was poignant—Royal homebirth hasn't been the ...

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