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DM Werner7 days ago
Photography Stuck in a Loop?
We may be stuck in a loop, but as a photojournalist I am still going out to make images; to document history, to tell the story and to bear witness to the event. That said, I will use digital for my s...
10 Things You Should Never Say to a Veteran
In the United States, there are over two million military services members including active and reserve forces, but there are more than twenty million living veterans, with the oldest among them havin...
Sarah Jones8 days ago
Getting Naked in Front of People Will Make You Love Your Body
Now, reading this you might write me off as some art hippy who’s an exhibitionist and loves being naked, but hear me out. Nudity is a complicated subject. Unfortunately, in contemporary culture it’s o...
Morganne Thayer9 days ago
Taking a U-Turn
First of all, I want to clarify that this piece is not about a struggle with alcohol or an addiction but rather my decision to take a long-term break from the sauce. As I sit here, sipping my morning ...
hannah irelan9 days ago
Top Comic Reads from a Comic Amateur
I have been reading comics almost religiously for a month now. Compared to my 19 years of life, one month seems minuscule, and it is, but the last 31 days have provided me with 31 opportunities to bur...
Blake Ekelund9 days ago
Stock Market - 8/13/2018
My Top 5 Hot Picks for the Week of 8/13/2018 to 8/20/2018: I will be looking into Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (AMD), iQIYI, Inc (IQ), Facebook, Inc (FB), Spark Therapeutics, Inc (ONCE), and Tableau So...

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