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Karen Goldfarba month ago
To Cannes and Cannes Not
The Cannes Film Festival of 2019 is in full swing, with the usual scandals, beautiful people, paparazzi, wannabees, con men, and hucksters filling the joints, the clubs and the bars, hotels and clubs ...
Mark Janza month ago
The Beaches 'The Professional' - Review
If the name The Beaches does not ring a bell for you, it’s time to take some notes. This group of young adults from the tattered suburbs of Ontario have been breaking necks worldwide with their sprigh...
Johnnie McArdlea month ago
Marvel vs DC: Superhero Showdown
In comic books, heroes and villains clash all the time, and there is a constant struggle between good and evil. From Batman vs Joker, to Captain America vs. Red Skull, both Marvel and DC have penned s...
Shane Kaya month ago
5 Creative Ways to Bring Your Cosplay to the Next Level
If you have been cosplaying for a bit, this might sound familiar. So you spent a few months planning the most epic cosplay costume the world's ever seen. You spent several weeks meticulously drafting ...
Amee Mareea month ago
Age Difference
The things, the things I would do, if I could be just amazing as you. If every word ignited a spark in someone new. What I would do if I was wanted like the stars that longingly await the moon. What I...
Justin Maurya month ago
Become a Founding Member of Vocal+
We launched Vocal on November 30th, 2016 to help creators easily share their stories, get discovered, and earn. Since then, over 400,000 creators have joined the Vocal community and shared stories tha...

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