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Diane Nivens11 days ago
An Open Letter to Roseanne Barr
Dear Roseanne, The new season of The Conners has spurred me to write to you. I've been so upset with you ever since the reboot of your self-titled show. You see, I grew up with you as a secondary moth...
Skye Hartman11 days ago
My American Heroes
As Remembrance Day nears us in 2018, I want to take some time to honor the veterans in my life. I didn't know the men in the picture above very well, but the impact they've had on my family is indelib...
Michael Duong12 days ago
Everything You Need to Know About Dumbbells
One of the easiest fitness equipment to use, and the most common, are the dumbbells.
What 'Budget-Friendly' Meal Prep Seems to Forget
If you have even the slightest interest in cooking, you've probably fallen down a similar rabbit hole—watching budget-friendly meal prep videos on Youtube: "$20 Meal Prep for 1 Week!" "$40 Meal Prep f...
Mountains & Sun12 days ago
The Stereotypical Travel Bucket List
We all want to travel. Everyone has somewhere they want to see, experience, and explore. Funny thing is, those of us "travellers at heart" have quite a few places in common. Actually, we have a lot of...
Riley Raul Reese13 days ago
10 Most Expensive Car Brands to Fix
There are certain cars that mechanics make their livings off of. The most unreliable cars you should never buy are often the ones that mechanics see in their shop on a regular basis, and will typicall...

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