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Renée Woods12 days ago
10 Bittersweet Songs for Winter
Thanksgiving has come and gone, signaling the inevitable return of winter. With days full of family, friends, and happy memories, some nights all you want is to relax and unwind. So, whether it's cozy...
Emily Schwartz13 days ago
Gone Away
Gone, whispers the peeling wallpaper. The walls have rotted away by the pursuit Of rainwater and the undeniable dispute Between termites and water vapor. Empty, groans the creaking floorboard. Each si...
Hannah Louise13 days ago
Weird Things Your Cat Might Be Doing Explained
Cats have many different signs of showing you that they want something. These behaviours may come across as unusual or out of the ordinary, however these behaviours have simple explanations which can ...
A.N. Nelson13 days ago
The Anonymous
Death investigation and forensics are career fields that are booming. Everyone knows that this "boom" is due to the glamorization of the field as portrayed in shows such as CSI, NCIS, Bones, Law & Ord...
5 Off-Screen TV Character Deaths That Broke Our Hearts
Actors come and go on television, and most of the time, we've already heard the news and can prepare ourselves for the inevitable. We don't like it, but it's going to happen regardless of how we feel....
Eve Tawfick13 days ago
Shoutout to the Single Dads
Single Mum Survival Special: A Shoutout to the Single Dads Let's face it. Dads have got a bad rep. Let's be honest about it too, some women would have been better off going to Sweden and getting thems...

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