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Victoria Reeves6 days ago
The Clearance Aisle
Everyone loves a good deal, so a clearance aisle is definitely attractive to most people. There is nothing better than a marked down item or a 50% off clearance, but are some of these deals too good t...
Claire Raymond6 days ago
Living a Cheaper Life: How to Make Your House Look More Expensive
Most of us don't have the house we want. We have the house we can afford, and whilst we might like our homes, most people wish their houses were a little bit bigger, or maybe looked a little more expe...
Cassie White6 days ago
Easy Halloween Costumes
Who doesn't love Halloween? Everyone gets one night to wear an adorable outfit out in public and no one cares! Plus the added bonus of candy! The only issue is we have to pick the perfect outfit. I'm ...
J.B. Potenza6 days ago
Why It's Not Enough to Recycle and What I'm Doing Instead
When I was in high school, I participated in a recycling club. That was nearly five years ago, yet until this week the only changes I had made to my lifestyle was an occasional plastic bottle in a recycle bin. Now that I'm living on my own and spending my own money on things I didn't have to in high school (thank you, Grandma), I have begun to think of more eco-friendly alternatives to everyday household items. This interest led me into a rabbit hole of green information. I watched the video abo...
Home Rev6 days ago
How to Organize Your Garage
You want to utilize and decorate all the spaces in your home — but, what about the garage? If you own a home with a garage, you have an extra opportunity for storage and design. This space can often g...
Devin Louise6 days ago
1994 Executive Murders: Unsolved
1994 was a landmark year filled with news and pop culture events that made the world nearly stop turning. The Lion King, starring James Earl Jones, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Whoopi Goldberg, graced ...

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