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Annie Kiely4 days ago
Best Family Friendly Movies
Selecting a movie that interests the whole family can be a major challenge. Things that are age appropriate for the kids often may not be interesting for older members of the family. Family movie nigh...
Rhonda Taylor4 days ago
Poetry Publishing Scams to Avoid
I've been a writer by trade for years, and this means that I have seen a million and one publishing scams through my time. The reason why publishing scams are so common is because being a writer is on...
michael 4 days ago
My Muse
It was many years ago when we first met, Doing strange things most people wouldn’t get. Estranged, I was, never mattered to you, For you were a little awkward too. No longer alone, we always got along...
Skunk Uzeki4 days ago
Tips for New Slam Poets
Slam poetry isn't easy, and in most cases, it's insanely intimidating to try out. But, if you are a poet at heart, you can't help yourself from giving it a shot. As scary as it can be to perform your ...
Aaron Dennis4 days ago
Ten NES Games You Don't Need to Play
Welcome back to my retro reviews. I have always loved playing Nintendo, and from its vast library of great games, there come a few crappy games. These are not games that necessarily evoke feelings of ...
Dylan Lepore4 days ago
Thoughts on Resident Evil 4 — After Playing It for the First Time 15 Years Later
To start this thing off let's take it back to when I first got Resident Evil 4 in 2016.

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