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Kelsey Lange5 days ago
Best Self Help Books for Women in Their 20s
Though it might seem like being in your 20s is an easy breezy time period in your life, it comes with a lot of questions, responsibilities, life changes, and an overwhelming feeling of being lost. Bei...
Why Does Hasbro Make Ouija Boards?
Hasbro Inc. is one of the best known toy companies in the entire world. They are responsible for manufacturing Nerf products, Baby Alive dolls, the Easy Bake Oven, and beloved board games such as Cand...
Evelyn Starr5 days ago
What Is Guy Culture and How to Disrupt It
Many people—men and women—hear the word "feminism" and scream, ridicule, and run away. It has been made out to be a bad word; a trigger word. The story of feminism gets twisted into "women hate men" a...
Ray Pluie5 days ago
Tim Hortons Helps Canadians Cut Down on Coffee Consumption by Being Total D*cks to Their Staff
COBOURG, ON—Ontario's Liberal government made a lot of plans to improve the lives of Canadians for 2018, and Tim Hortons franchisees were not interested in being left out. "We've noticed that a lot of...
Eric Ragsdale6 days ago
He walks down the hallway, Hears "she" and "her," And it burns a hole into his soul, Already wounded by pain and hate for who he is, He smiles through the pain, Through the "daughter's" and names that...
George Nekilan6 days ago
Super Surprising Life Hacks with WD-40 You Can Use
WD-40 is literally a miracle worker in a can. It can help you in many situations if you don't exactly know where to turn to. However, if you don't know what it is, WD-40 is the trademark name for a sp...

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