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Cheap Ways to Organize Your Apartment
Having an apartment can be a ton of fun, but only if you end up keeping it clean and organized enough to find your things. I ought to know, my last apartment was only enjoyable when I was able to figu...
School Survival Guide
We all know school is a burden. You have to wake up early, make friends, complete endless homework assignments, follow the useless rules, and all the while pretend to be happy to be there. Now, don't ...
Oliver Pawsey7 days ago
Mixed Feelings: Parodies and the Alternative Scene
Music is a popular pastime for most people, and when large groups of people take something seriously, satire, spoofs, and parodies are sure to spring up around it, Music is no exception. Popular music is often parodied, most people have heard the stylings of Weird Al Yankovic; his album Mandatory Fun did quite well in 2014, parodying the hits of that year.
Kelsey Lange8 days ago
Best Winter Dog Gear to Keep Your Pup Warm
It is important to make sure your best friend is kept warm throughout the wintertime just like you do. Even in the cold weather, it's important for you and your dog to get some exercise outside. Plus,...
Bill Shaffir8 days ago
Best Laptops of 2017 to Buy This Year
Everybody needs a reliable laptop this day and age, especially considering the amount of people who work remotely. It can literally be the most important tool in your life, and is often the bulk most ...
KJ Proulx8 days ago
'Murder on the Orient Express' – Movie Review
When a movie revolves around a murder and makes you wonder who the killer is, it really needs to do a great job in getting you invested in the characters at hand. 2017’s adaptation of the classic Agat...

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