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Brendan Blowers14 days ago
Inside the World's Best Speakeasy Bars
If you head to a little joint called Crif Dogs in the East Village to fill up on hot dogs and cheese fries, try walking into the wooden phone booth in the back and picking up the red phone to dial "1....
Dave Smith15 days ago
Your DNA Data Can Be Used to Make a Scarf
You may have heard the often-quoted fact that humans and chimpanzees share 96% of their DNA in common. You also share 90% of your DNA with your cat, and a surprising 60% with a banana! But did you als...
When You Know, You Know
Single friends, I am sure you hate this as much as I do. We all have asked the question, hoping for an original, heart-enlightening response; They respond with, "Well, when you know, you know." Eye ro...
Whitney Alese15 days ago
Let That Sh*t Go: A Tribute to Toni Morrison
Today, Toni Morrison transitioned from living legend to ancestor. As a writer, a book nerd, a creative, and as a Black Woman, I am in mourning. The world is in mourning, and a simple social media scro...
Ayla Burk15 days ago
Transgender Woman... Mother of 4 Boys?
How can this be? I know I am a woman at heart, but am a father... of four boys, nonetheless. As if raising four boys to become amazing men wasn’t full of its own challenges. Throw my being transgender...
Rebecca Bailey15 days ago
I had failed, that’s all I could think. I was a failure as a parent, a foster parent and a decent human being. In training, they all but said that if we disrupted it was all our fault because we weren...

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