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Kacie Main6 days ago
The Mother-Daughter Battle
I kept seeing people on the interwebs who had written letters to their teenage selves. Sounded like a solid little self-reflection exercise, so I figured I’d give it a try. I thought it would be easy ...
Leigh Fisher6 days ago
5 Interview Blunders to Avoid
Experience is often one of the best ways to learn what to do and what not to do in an interview. We learn from our mistakes. However, here’s a few mistakes you can avoid making by learning from my hil...
Bethany Gordon7 days ago
Rose Water and Berry Loaf
Honesty one of the best cakes I've ever made! This is my first time using rose water for food flavoring and I must say I am very impressed by this ingredient. Just 2 tablespoons of rose water really g...
The Current State of New York Sports
New York City—the most unique, important, dynamic city in the world. New Yorkers don't fuck around. New Yorkers have an arrogance about them, a swagger that comes from being the media and financial ca...
T.C. Bosarge7 days ago
Beginner Photography
Photography is not something I planned to do as a hobby. It fell right into my lap. It began when I had a friend begin playing rugby. She invited me to her games and after a while I began snapping pho...
10 Things You Didn't Know About John McCain
Republican senator and war hero John McCain was one of the last few politicians who became respected by both Democrats and Republicans alike. He was a man who finally spoke out against the corruption ...

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