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Travel the Small Towns

You have to come to the small towns to get rid of that big city feel. Some of the best treasures are found in small towns.

By Friday VibesPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
Downtown Coca-Cola Mural (Lufkin,Texas)

You have to learn how to step into the world of living in small town every now and then. This is a story about a small town in East Texas called Lufkin. It is seated in Angelina County. You don't hear about it much unless you are looking at the NFL draft or something, because Lufkin can produce some really good football players. It's a small town North of Houston and South of Dallas. Lufkin is that perfect small middle ground of a town. It offers everything you need, to be honest. Shopping, downtown shopping centers, and even things like a Walmart and Sam's Club (Sam's is like a Costco, for those who don't know). This small town is less than 30 minutes away from Nacogdoches. It's called the oldest town in Texas. However, Lufkin has so much to offer. The downtown scene is far from small. You've got shops that offer anything from antiques, to coffee, wine, and other things like personalized shirts and Yeti cups. Believe me, somehow that is still a big thing here in Texas. There is a coffee shop called Standpipe Coffee House. It gives you that great hole-in-the-wall shop feeling, but it really opens up once you get inside. It also offers some outdoor seating around the doors. The area plays a local radio station through the streets so while you do a little shopping and walking around, you get to enjoy some tunes as well. Also, if you like wine and flatbread meals, you should try out Restoration Wine Bar. On Saturday they offer $3 Sangria—house-made Sangria, at that! It's amazing! I'm not a big wine drinker, but it's so smooth with the perfect sweet taste from the orange slice. You can tell it was made fresh that morning and chilled just in time to open the doors. Lufkin offers so much more. It's very historic in its own way.

While walking around the area, you will get to see little historical facts about things like the Pines Theater and even go down a brick walkway that offers an indoor art shop. It normally provides art from local artists and kids in the area schools that are aspiring artists. During the summer months they have things that will allow local vendors and food trucks to fill the streets with snacks and fun things that you can do with your family or just enjoy with your spouse. My husband and I enjoy it. It's his hometown and there are so many things that we've found in this jewel of a city in a few short months.

Everything from an active and thriving farmers market that offers fresh produce and even things for the home such as hand made goat soaps and little trinkets. It's of course a growing town so it's changing all the time but I can assure you that the small town feel is still here and it's here to stay. Your neighbors are great. Your side of town has its own little hangout spot, but everyone is nice and inviting. If you are ever driving through East Texas, take the time to stop in Lufkin (Angelina County). You are missing out on some of the best food and music in the area.

If you like things like fishing or getting out in the water, try out Lake Sam Rayburn. If you ever look it up, it's listed as one of the top lakes in Texas to fish in. There is a bridge that goes over it where it connects with Angelina River. If the sun is over that location at the perfect time, you will see how it's just shining off the lake. It's beautiful even at night time. Check out some things like Lake Murval and also Lake Nacogdoches if you are ever in the area.


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