Which Are Some Of The Best Biodegradable Panty Liners Available In India?

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Biodegradable Panty Liners

Which Are Some Of The Best Biodegradable Panty Liners Available In India?

The trend of panty liners is becoming widespread with increasing awareness about feminine hygiene. Are panty liners really worth the buzz? What are they useful for?

What Are Panty Liners?

Pantyliners are miniature versions of regular pads, thinner than them. Every woman knows the annoyance and discomfort she has to go through because of unexpected vaginal discharges. The dampness because of vaginal discharge often creates uncomfortable and embarrassing situations. Pantyliners are saviours during such scenarios. Panty liners absorb the moisture and help keep you dry during the day. Panty liners keep you feeling fresh and easy.

Panty liners can be worn daily during those days when you are experiencing vaginal discharge, post-intercourse discharge, ovulation, or post-menstruation. The liners are so thin that you barely feel the presence and go about your day without feeling any discomfort.

Variety of Panty Liners

There are a variety of panty liners available in India. Most common panty liners are commercial panty liners which are similar to regular pads in look and composition. These panty liners are as harmful as those conventional sanitary pads. Because these types of lines contain plastic and other chemically treated synthetic materials.

Another Type is organic liners. Organic liners are manufactured in the same way the biodegradable sanitary napkins are made. These liners are safe and healthy for your skin. They start to decompose within 6-8 months of disposal. The absence of chemicals makes them suitable for daily use. Other than these, there are reusable cotton panty liners that you can wash and reuse.

These panty liners are available in different shapes too, from petals to liners designed for thongs, there is a design for every need. If you consider every factor including comfort and convenience, biodegradable organic cotton panty liners are the best. Below are some of the best biodegradable panty liners available in India.


Noraa is one of the best brands for organic sanitary napkins and panty liners. Noraa uses 100% natural material to produce these organic pads and liners. Ever since women around the world started opening up about their hygiene needs and embracing their body’s exceptions, using a liner became a norm amongst most of them. Panty liners give a lot of confidence and comfort during those wet days. These liners are soft and comfortable with breathable upper layers for additional comfort.

One can not expose the delicate part of the body to dangerous chemicals and plastic every day. Thus, it’s advisable to use organic liners for everyday use. Nora's panty liners are made of organic cotton, bamboo fibre, wood pulp and other plant-derived materials. These liners are completely biodegradable and hence, safe for the environment as well.

The liners are very useful in preventing your undergarments from getting spoiled due to white discharges and light blood spotting after periods.

Pee Safe

Pee safe panty liners are gradually gaining popularity for their good nature and high-quality. The biodegradable organic cotton panty liners by Pee Safe are infused with aloe vera for extra soothing effects throughout the day. The liners are soft and comfortable. These liners have a curved shape to give you maximum coverage. Pee Safe is known for manufacturing organic, biodegradable products.

The panty liners from Pee Safe have cushion-soft surfaces for ultimate comfort. The liners have a subtle fragrance to keep you feeling fresh. Although this fragrance may cause irritation if you are allergic to it. You must try one to find out if these liners suit you or not.


Carmesi is also one innovative brand that launched organic products for female intimate hygiene. Their panty liners are soft and high-absorbent preventing spotting, bladder leakage, and moisture caused by vaginal discharge. The liners are made of 100% natural and organic materials. They have also refrained from using any kind of chemicals and artificial fragrances in these liners.

Carmesi biodegradable sanitary napkins are super-absorbent making you feel dry and confident every day. Each liner comes with separate wrapping and each wrap is also made of biodegradable organic materials. Carmesi pads are extremely thin and super soft. These liners start to decay within 6 months.


Heyday’s range of personal care includes organic panty liners. The panty liners are crafted with natural materials that are completely safe for the skin. The panty liners remove the problem of rashes and irritation that used to be a common scenario with conventional panty liners. These panty liners are soft and breathable.

The leak-proof layer is made of corn starch and the components of the liner are put together with the help of natural plant resin glue. The glue is similar to commercial glue in quality but it is better for health and the environment. The liners are made keeping comfort in mind. Each liner comes with an individual degradable disposal cover for convenient dumping.


Purganics has been there in the market for some time now and is known for its biodegradable sanitary napkins. Purganic has also launched its range of organic cotton panty liners. Purganics panty liners are completely natural and biodegradable. These liners are made of plant-derived materials and natural resin glue. They don’t use any chemicals and artificial fragrances. These liners are rash-free and comfortable for daily use.


With the increasing popularity of panty liners, the majority of sanitary napkin brands are now manufacturing panty liners. The most important thing to be considered while selecting the best panty liners is to consider the components and materials used in the manufacturing of the liner. Most of the manufacturers do not reveal the ingredients used in their sanitary napkins and liners. Thus, always go for the ones who disclose the components and secondly, try for yourself.

Some commercial sanitary napkin brands market their products claiming them to be made of organic cotton. But that is not entirely true. If organic cotton is bleached with chemicals like chlorine, it loses its quality and originality. Look for organic brands that sell biodegradable feminine products. Biodegradable products are certainly made of natural raw materials and are safe for your health and environment.

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