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Body positivity and body shaming

by Lena Bailey 4 months ago in body

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Body positivity and body shaming

So for years women have been either participating in, craping on or enjoying the body positivity movement. The idea of the body positivity movement is that a person loves the body that they're in despite the size.

There are people who make negative comments about the movement. they do so because they think certain body sizes are not healthy. The problem with this argument is that any body can be unhealthy. People of any size can have heart attacks, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and other issues. The argument goes on to say that we shouldn't be celebrating the bodies we should be celebrating health and the person. I agree with this idea. If a skinny person has type 1 diabetes and doesn't take care of themselves it's just as bad as a person getting type 2 for being heavy and them not taking care of themselves.

The people who support the movement realize that the movement is about people celebrating who they are and where they are in their life. The supporters may also realize that as long as you are healthy or getting healthy than that's all that matters. It shouldn't matter if your a size 2 or a size 20. People like to argue the fact that there is no way that a plus sized person can be healthy. Unless you are someone's doctor you don't know if they are healthy or not.

Body shaming has been around for years, in some cases it's basically bullying. Some people body shame bigger people and others body shame skinny people. The main thing that people say about skinny people is that they say that the skinny person needs to eat a sandwich. This comment is not helpful for them. When people shame or make comments about plus sized or chubby person it can be very hurtful. Some of the comments can be very immature. People sometimes compare chubby or plus sized people to big animals like whales. This is not ok and I shouldn't have to say that to adults but sadly I do.

Body shaming is an interesting thing in the way it exist. People sometimes body shame others to their face, these people are usually bold. I want to tell people to not do this but I know people won't listen to me. Most people shame online. This also shouldn't be done. People post pictures and videos online then they are body shamed. This shouldn't happen but people will excuse it by saying "well they shouldn't post it if they didn't want comments". They do want comments but they expect most of it to be nice especially from adults. The other way body shaming happens is behind people's back. This doesn't make it any better. I feel like body shaming is worst when it is behind people's back.

I feel like we can handle this issue. When it's in person to your face you have to get sassy and creative. Tell them something sassy or snarky then walk away. If it's online then you can just delete and move on. Sadly if it's behind your back there's nothing you can do. Hopefully the person that's hearing the body shaming will stand up for you. I think we just need to learn how to mind our own business and bodies. Just live and let live.

Recently Victoria secret has been using plus sized girls in their pictures and ads on social media. People lost their minds with this. They only considered the skinner models the "real models". They would only call the skinner more traditional models beautiful. People would bitch and complain about the plus sized models. Models should reflect the cliental the company wants to attract. If Victoria secret wants to attract all women their models have to reflect all women. All women include plus sized, skinny and trans women.

There is a lot going on so body shaming should stop. If you want the world to change be kind. There should be more "yes queens" and less "oh no you shouldn't wear that."

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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