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What me too cases mean for the movement

by Lena Bailey 5 months ago in activism

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What me too cases mean for the movement

So we have had at least 3 legal cases that has to do with me too like stories. We had the Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinestein and R Kelly cases. If you want to lump Jeffrey Epstein into this then you can. There was some talk about what this will do for the movement after the trails ended. There was also some talk about what this means for the movement. I want to look at what they mean to the movement and what they will do in this article.

These cases may lead to men or people realizing that this is a crime. Believe it or not there or some people who don't know that assault or rape is a crime, they just think that people think it's wrong. Not only do they show that it's a crime they show there is punishment. A lot of people think that they can get away with this. A lot of men especially men in power think they can do this type of thing and everyone will just look the other way. People in Hollywood look the other way for years because they have a boys will be boys attitude.

There are people that think the ladies who accused Bill and Harvey are lying so when the convictions come down they still don't believe them. Others didn't believe the stories until the trails and the verdicts came about. People believe that maybe it was just a witch hunts. Even with proof and the conviction they still don't believe the accusers.

These cases may change nothing. Some creepers may see this as a challenge to see if they can get away with this type of things. People will probably go back to life as normal until this happens again or it hits close to home. If this happens again they will be outraged for a bit then it goes back to normal again. If it happens to them or someone they know they will be outraged for a while or at least until they get justice, closure or help.

The one thing that these cases mean for the movement is that we got justice. We also got closure. It also sent a message, or at least it should. We don't always get justice in these cases but when we do it's reassuring. Getting justice is also closure in some cases. One of the ways justice is not closure is when the person doesn't learn their lesson. One of the message theses cases should send is that we are not accepting this behavior any more. They should also send the message if you do this there are consequences.

These cases also keep the me too movement in the forefront of people's minds. Some people just want this movement to go away. If you think about it if the movement is ignored and nothing is done then the movement will never really go away. If things are actually done and we hold people accountable the movement may either not be needed or it maybe less needed. This movement exist to inspire women to come forward and to tell the truth.

This movement may come with the liars and attention seekers. Unfortunately there may be nothing we can do about people lying or seeking attention. I believe that it is ok to question some stories you hear if there seems to be inconsistencies or holes in the story. This idea of believing all women gives of the impression that no one would lie and that only women are to be believed. Men can fall victim to rape and other things in the me too world.

I know this maybe a some rambles but I hope this made sense. I hope the me too movement gets the resolution it set out to get. I hope one day we can all take this movement seriously.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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