Tips and Tricks for Your Kid's Baseball Practice

by Craig Middleton 4 months ago in baseball

Kids sports practices can be really stressful with a full schedule. Here are some tips to help you get through baseball season with confidence.

Tips and Tricks for Your Kid's Baseball Practice

Baseball is an exciting game that brings the whole family together, and allows everyone to enjoy a great game. The warm summer nights, being outside will be fond memories for anybody and their family.

But this doesn’t just happen by chance, and everything is not going to go perfectly all of the time. Kids will forget items such as baseball gloves, and water bottles. You may have the wrong address for the baseball field, which can be super stressful, especially if you are new to baseball.

While not everything can be avoided, and mistakes will happen there are some things you can do as the parent to help smooth things over so you can still feel human when you come home at the end of the night.

Here are five things that can help when it is baseball season:

Time Management

This skill is especially helpful if you have more than one child that is playing baseball, or some other kind of after school activity. Having a calendar, whether it is a physical or online one will help you keep your head on straight. Gather all of the schedules of each kid, and write everything on your calendar. This way you can see where certain events may get in the way of each other, and how busy you will be each night.

Communication Is Key.

Both the child, and the parent are going to have to communicate. As the adult, you will have to take most of the responsibility since your child is younger, and not quite a full fledged adult yet. As your child grows older, they can take more responsibility, and drive themselves to their own events when they are teenagers.

For now you have to communicate expectations with your child about when they have to get ready, and how they need to show up. You can communicate that you need their cooperation, and that if they want to be successful with their sport, they will need to put some effort into the sport.

Keep Things in Perspective.

Baseball season is not the time to show that you are the best mom in the whole city, or that you have everything under control all of the time. Think about the situation 20 years from now. Your kid really is not going to care if you had the best treats, or that you were always on time to every practice and game.

What is going to matter is that your kid feels supported as they learn a new skill, and figure out how to play a new sport. This could be something as simple as gently encouraging them when they mess up, or showing them that you enjoy watching their games.

Be Prepared.

Baseball is going to require a lot of things instead of just your child, and their baseball uniform. Water is going to be a top priority, so bring extra water bottles, or store them in the car.

Your children and you are going to be in the sun for long periods of time, so you could think about getting sunscreen or sunburn relief products to help keep sunburns under control. This can help protect your child from developing skin cancer later in life, and can allow them to have healthy skin.

Do Your Best and Be Honest.

Mistakes are going to happen. This is perfectly normal, and does not mean that you are a bad parent. This is a great way to be vulnerable, and build trust with your kids. Show them that you are not always right, and you make mistakes, and it’s okay. This will help build a healthy relationship with your kids, even if it doesn’t seem great in the short term.

Baseball is a good way to get your children involved and outside. What are some things you do to help keep everyone calm when things get crazy during baseball season? Share this with your friends who have children that play baseball.

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