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Somers Softball Runs Ends in the Section Finals vs Harrison

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By Rich MonettiPublished about a month ago Updated 20 days ago 4 min read

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After beating Brewster and Clarkstown North in the first two rounds of the sectionals, the Tuskers bought first seeded Clarkstown South in the semis. The buyer didn’t need to beware, though, and a 6-4 victory put the glass slipper on these Somers girls. But unfortunately, the ceiling proved just a little too high on May 25 at North Rockland High School, and second place would have to do.

A 5-0 loss to Harrison, the end of the run didn’t put a damper on the coach. “It’s the first time getting to the finals has been done in program history,” said Theresa Ricci. “I’m very proud of the girls.”

Nonetheless, the upsets began on the heels of Katie Cole. She led the Clarkstown game off with a double, and six batters later, Somers had a 3-0 lead. Far from done, the third inning was even more damaging. Twelve batters to the plate and six runs broke the game open.

Onto the top seed and Emily Boyle found herself in 3-3 pitcher’s dual in the seventh. That is until Caitlin Fitts settled the score with her first ever home run. Good for three runs, a Saturday afternoon trip over the Bear Mountain Bridge was certainly no bother.

So up for more history, Somers found themselves on the wrong side of Gabriella Triano’s near miss at etching her name on forever. Three up and three down in the first, the Harrison starter duplicated the feat five more times in a row.

The offense didn’t wait to get started either. Alexia Cozzali smacked a lead off triple to deep center, and the Huskies were howling. A grounder to third was stifling, though.

At least momentarily, Cozzali was thrown out at the plate. But the batted ball went off Madison Miller’s foot, and the dead ball sent everyone back.

Miller going down on strikes anyway, a walk and stolen base by Barbara Coppola put two runners in scoring position, and Jordan Yomtov’s sacrifice fly knocked in the first run. A wild pitch later and Harrison had a 2-0 lead.

All she needed, Triano got the next three, and now Boyle settled in. After a walk to Triano, Boyle got an infield pop up and an alert play by Victoria Morel lent a big hand. A bloop into right, the runner had to wait, and the Tusker right fielder was able to get the force at second.

Certainly appreciative, out number three was all Boyle. On Madison Mazzella’s shot back to the circle, the freshman flashed glove, and the yellow blur was gone like that.

A play that had the Tuskers trumpeting and seemingly ready to do damage. But Triano was tone deaf, and three batters later, Harrison had their lead off batter on.

A walk to Olivia Grecco, she was erased on Miller’s grounder to short. Even so, Coppola’s slap to third kept the inning alive. On her game too, Boyle got a fly to center, and strikeout to end the threat.

The top of the fourth was more of the same from Triano, and the bottom of the inning added another for Harrison. Triano led off with a double, and Ava Taddeo moved her over with a sacrifice to center. A ground out to third looked like Somers might get out of the inning. But a tough grounder down the third base line went off the glove of Kiera Griggs for an unearned run.

Now 3-0 after four, Harrison came back for more in the fifth. Cozzali singled to right, and after a sacrifice bunt and a passed ball, Harrison was in business again. A walk to Coppola would then set the stage for the inning’s undoing.

Coppola stole second, and Yomtov’s fly to shallow center started the merry-go-round. Triano allowed herself to be caught up on the third base line, and the throw coming home set in motion two rundowns.

Back to second went Katherine Papa’s throw, and in return, the throw to the plate was late. The ball also got away from Papa, and two runs were in.

A 5-0 lead with only six outs to go, a miracle was needed. Not in the top of the sixth, Somers saved the best for last.

With one out in the seventh, Ellie Walsh singled up the middle, Fitts lined one past the shortstop and Papa slapped a single to right.

The bases were loaded and seeing the Huskies congregate on the circle had Ricci verifying this team’s mantra. “They never give up, no matter what the score,” she assured.

Until it’s actually over, Boyle’s pop into shallow right had Walsh tagging and out at the plate for the game. Nonetheless, Walsh still saw victory in defeat - especially in terms of all the sport and her teammates have taught her. “You’re going to fail before you succeed, so I’ve learned to bounce back and always work through,” said the senior, who will be heading to San Diego State to study biology.

Still plenty of heartbeat left here in Somers, Papa is already pumped up with almost everyone returning in 2025. “We’re thinking about next year,” the junior concluded. “We’re coming back, and we’re winning."


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