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John Jay Moves into Finals with 14-3 Victory Over Hen Hud

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By Rich MonettiPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 3 min read

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On Friday May 24, John Jay hosted Hen Hud in the semifinal round of the section one tournament. One versus four, the Wolves did wait a bit, but it wasn’t long before the boys looked very much like the dominant top seed.

Four straight goals to open, and John Jay went onto an easy 14-3 victory.

Still, the Wolves quickly saw how hot the Sailor goaltender was, and there was some doubt. From ten yards out, Andrew Kiefer whiplashed a sidearm shot, but Aidan Mazzoni snared the laser with his catcher.

The Sailor offense didn’t sustain for very long, though. An errant pass in the end zone turned the ball over, and the Wolves were ready. The offense worked the ball around, Andrew Kiefer, passed out from the end zone, and hit Luke Bueti on the right for the goal.

At 9:50 Savastano had the draw, and the Wolves hit rewind. This time Jonathan Altneu took the pass from Brendan Corelli, and on the other side, the senior made it a 2-0 game.

Still, Mazzoni refused to make it easy for the home team. First he denied Dom Savastano’s head long rush off the face off win, and then came up with the save on almost the identical shot Kiefer put on earlier. Unfortunately, the goalie was unable to secure the ball, and Justin Shapiro was there for the rebound at 7:33.

Up 3-0, Savastano did his thing again, and Altneu played quarterback. He threaded a pass into Kiefer, and he went over his left shoulder for a 4-0 lead at 6:14.

But Hen Hud did get a brief moment to cheer. It started with a high shot that gave Hen Hud the ball and put Conor Prokopiak on the stick. He took the ball upfield, and saw James McManus way ahead. He let the pass fly, and the middie had a one on one that easily beat Blake O’Callahan.

The John Jay goalie would have the answer the next time, though. After Kiefer hit the post and the ball traveled back to midfield, the Hen Hud cover sent another deep pass toward the John Jay crease.

So O’Callaghan stepped up, picked off the pass and sent the ball back long the other way. On the run, Kiefer received and passed to Shapiro in front. No chance for Mazzoni and it was 5-1 at the buzzer.

Onto the second, the goalies took center stage first. With Duva on the left and only a few yards out, Mazzoni had the low bouncer at 11:30, and a minute later, his catcher was there on Corelli’s wraparound.

The same went for O’Callaghan on Kevin Ryan’s jump shot. Coming from behind, he leaped backwards, and the Wolf made easy work of the windmill at 9:57.

A minute later, defense meant offense. After Mazzoni got Duva on the right with another catcher save, Peter Hill forced a turnover with his big stick, and the attack took it from there. On the break, Duva fed to Shapiro, and another point blank shot made it 6-1 at 8:29.

Back to midfield, Heh Hud stopped bothering with Savastano. The Sailor draw man conceded, and the defense immediately dropped back into coverage. No help, John Jay worked the ball around, and Kiefer teed off again for an 7-1 lead with 7:16 left in the half.

The writing obviously on the wall, Hen Hud tried to slow the train by calling for time at 5:28. But John Jay already had their ticket punched. Kiefer came out, rushed down the right and shot overhand for an 8-1 lead. A minute later, Duva hit Corelli for goal nine, and the only drama left was waiting for Rye in next week’s final.


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