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“One More Time”

by Allison Tucker 3 years ago in culture
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Read this if you have ever had a friend that pulled the “one more time” card on you. :)

So, a little background. I’m a pretty clumsy person. I seem to always end up breaking bones or tearing ligaments. I’m also pretty stubborn when it comes to sitting out in sports. Now you're wondering what that has to do with anything, but it will be useful when you read this. So, when I was back in elementary school, we went on a ski trip every year from third grade until you went to high school. In my eighth-grade year, I was at the ski resort and originally been snowboarding (had to be different from everybody). I switched to ski’s an hour before we had to leave so I could go down the same mountain as my friends. Now, remember, this wasn’t my first year skiing. I was going to go in for a drink and snack, but my friend begged me to go one more time.

“This is our last year, we can go in after we go down this mountain.”

Eventually, I gave in and decided that it would be fine, just one more time. What could it hurt? As we were coming around a corner on the slope, there was this huge ice patch. She was slightly in front, and went right over it. I came behind and my ski got caught under the patch. I flipped head first down the hill. My ski on the right leg never popped off during all of this. While I was flipping, I heard a loud pop in my leg. I couldn’t move my right leg. My friend said that she heard the pop too. I couldn’t ski down the rest off the mountain, so this man had ski-rescue and patrol come up and get me. It was pretty embarrassing, mostly cause all my friends saw me in this bright red sled and the chaperone had to come in the medical room and sign a ton of papers saying I couldn’t sue the ski resort.

Well, I got home and went to the hospital and they said I was fine and nothing was wrong. Softball season was starting and I was going to skip and sit out, even though my leg was in killer pain most of the time. 11 months later I was at basketball workouts, my knee popped, and I decided it was time for it to get checked. I tore my ACL, and shredded my cartilage in my knee, and had to sit out for a year. After that, every sport I tried out for, I was cut, because my knee brace wouldn’t fit under the uniforms and my hitting for softball wasn’t as good as it used to be.

So life lesson, don’t go on that “one more time,” cause it usually ends up bad. Don't be stubborn when it comes to going to the doctor. Also, don’t give up trying just because something in your life went wrong.


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