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NFL Week 7 Recap: Just One of Those Days

The Buffalo Bills' loss to the New England Patriots is drawing some concern, while the 49ers suffered another shocking loss

By Clyde E. DawkinsPublished 6 months ago 5 min read

Last week, the Buffalo Bills were coming off quite a shaky performance. The offense was totally off for the most part, Josh Allen wasn't his usual self, and Tyler Bass missed a pair of field goals. Despite this, they got right back on track in the fourth quarter and won. This has been a regular occurrence for the Bills in recent years. They tend to have what I call, "just one of those days," where very little goes right, and Allen is less than the high level QB we know he is. The Bills either get away with it, or they don't. In the case of last week, they got away with it.

But then, there are the times that they don't. This week was one of them.

The Bills were in Foxboro facing their division foes, the New England Patriots. As we recall, the Bills were one of the Patriots' favorite punching bags during their dominant years (the Jets were the other), but the tables have turned in recent seasons, as the Bills are one of the AFC's big dogs, while the Patriots are a shell of what they used to be. It was set to be an easy win for the Bills...until it wasn't. Again, this is not surprising; the Bils don't make things easy. However, they were lost for the second straight week; trailing for the whole game until taking the lead late. This time, the overly maligned Mac Jones was ready, as he led a game winning drive in the tail end of regulation, capping off a shocking 29-25 victory.

The win was Bill Belichick's 300th of his head coaching career, a very huge milestone. As for the Bills, they've now had two straight weeks of shaky performances, and now, eyebrows are raised. This is a very strong AFC, and the Bills cannot afford to have any more slip-ups, especially since the Dolphins have vastly improved from last season.

Speaking of slip-ups...

Brock Purdy, the man who puts the "Irrelevant" in Mr. Irrelevant. No wonder this clown was the last pick in the draft. It's bad enough he blew it last week and actually lost to the Cleveland Browns. Now, he committed the ultimate sin: he lost to the Minnesota Vikings. Even worse, it was on Monday Night Football, which has been Kirk Cousins' kryptonite throughout his career. Purdy threw two interceptions, with the second one coming on a potential game winning drive. You know who doesn't throw picks? Jimmy Garoppolo. Still think you made the right choice on QB, Niners? If you do, you're dumber than I thought.

I forgot to mention the worst part: the Vikings played without Justin Jefferson. So who stepped up for the Vikings at WR on Monday night? None other than Jordan Addison, who definitely had himself a huge night as the makeshift WR1 in Monday's game. How good was his performance? Let's go to the Fantasy numbers, shall we?

Fantasy scoring for receivers is simple: PPR comes into play, it's one point per every 10 yards, and touchdowns are six points each. Addison's numbers: seven receptions (7 points), 123 yards (12.3 points), and two touchdowns (12 points). Grand total: 31.3 fantasy points. Ay caramba! And this was against the Niners' hallowed defense as well!

Staying on the subject of idiots who somehow can't beat the Packers' division rivals...seriously, how the fuck does Josh McDaniels have a head coaching job?! Even with Jimmy G out, the Raiders had a win gift wrapped; they were playing the Bears. The Bears! The Bears are a glorified Pop Warner team, yet because the Raiders' head coach has creamed corn where his brains should be, the Raiders made the 2023 Bears look like the version from 1985! 30-12 was the final score in Chicago's favor. Oh good God!

Again, how is Josh McDaniels still employed?! See, this is part of the NFL's problem regarding a lack of diversity regarding head coaches, but sadly, when anyone says that there should be more diversity when it comes to HCs, certain morons see that as being "anti-White." Let me make one thing clear, and I can't believe I have to explain this, because it goes without saying. We are not trying to replace Andy Reid or Pete Carroll or Sean McVay. All of those coaches I named are qualified winners who know what they are doing. We are trying to weed out the morons: Mike McCarthy, Brandon Staley, and especially Josh McDaniels. Sad part: Raiders are stuck with McDaniels for another two years. Yikes.

There's another competent coach I forgot to mention: John Harbaugh. His Ravens actually beat down the Detroit Lions, big time. Unfortunately, the Green Bay Packers could not capitalize, as we came up short against the Denver Broncos, 19-17. Sadly, there's doubt towards Jordan Love, and there really shouldn't be. Love did his thing, especially in the second half. The thing is, we do have a problem starting slow; we've been a second half team since Week 2. That needs to change. But we cannot give up on our QB. We need to follow the words of Sir Elton John: we need to believe in love.

Week 7 began with the Jacksonville Jaguars defeating the New Orleans Saints, 31-24, in a thrilling Thursday night game, and just days later, the Atlanta Falcons took over first place in the NFC South with their last second victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Amazing. Seven weeks into the season, and Atlanta is leading the NFC South. Time will tell if they can make this stick. Elsewhere in the early window, the New York Giants absolutely embarrassed the Washington Commanders' offense, and the Cleveland Browns won an offense-filled shootout over the Indianapolis Colts; back-to-back wins under PJ Walker.

You know, ever since Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have become a thing, the former's numbers are even more epic than they usually are, something I didn't think would be possible. 12 receptions, 179 yards, and a score. Holy moley! The Chiefs won, 31-17, over the division rival Chargers, and elsewhere, the Pittsburgh Steelers survived against the Los Angeles Rams, while the Seattle Seahawks won over the Arizona Cardinals, and thanks to the Monday game, Seattle is right on San Francisco's tail. Sunday Night Football saw Jalen Hurts win the battle of the Bama star QBs over Tua Tagovailoa, though Hurts would leave the game a bit banged up.

Oh, and not to toot my own horn too much, but...one of my Fantasy teams is 7-0 this season. Yes, it's the one with Kelce on it.

Week 8 begins with the Buffalo Bills hosting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday Night Football. On Sunday Night Football, the Los Angeles Chargers will host the Chicago Bears, and it will be the Las Vegas Raiders and the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football. My inner Packers fan is shuddering over having to trust Josh McDumbass against the Lions. Ugh.

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