Most Unbelievable NHL Stanley Cup Comebacks

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There have been comebacks in NHL history, but these are among the most staggering NHL Stanley Cup comebacks that left us dumbfounded.

Most Unbelievable NHL Stanley Cup Comebacks

Hockey is one of the most intense and thrilling sports out there, but have a ton of screaming fans cheering for their favorite team. The sport is just as popular as any other professional sport like football and baseball. And it's definitely among the more underrated sports. As for their finals, things can get pretty extreme—especially when the two teams are actual rivals.

But throughout hockey, there have been many comebacks in games. However, nothing beats the amazing comebacks that occurred during the Stanley Cup. Here are the most well-known and absolute crazy NHL Stanley Cup comebacks you have to know for yourself.

1975 Quarter Final New York vs. Pittsburgh

The 1975 Quarter Final between teams New York Islanders and Pittsburgh Penguins became one of the greatest moments and comebacks in NHL history. In fact, this is just the second time in all of hockey history where a team made a three to zero comeback. And, all of this happened within a seven-game series.

From the beginning of the fourth game, the Islanders were behind with a score of three games to zero. However, the team made the wildest move and came right back around to win all four of the last games. With this, the New York Islanders won the championship.

1987 Division Final Detroit vs. Toronto

Among the craziest NHL Stanley Cup comebacks ever was the 1987 Division Final between Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs. After starting out way behind in the beginning of the game, the Red Wings shocked the audience, even themselves, and made an amazing comeback that won them the series. The Red Wings basically carried the play most of the game and even had the slow Maple Leafs' defense out of position.

From the start, the Maple Leafs had the lead. However, by the fourth game, the Red Wings were making moves and build up their confidence and energy to show that they weren’t going down so easily. And this comeback was completely unexpected, practically stunned everyone and anyone who was watching.

1998 Western Conference Quarterfinal Edmonton vs. Colorado

The 1998 Western Conference Quarter Final with teams Colorado Avalanche and Edmonton Oilers. During this seven-game series that would lead up to the Stanley Cup, something completely unexpected happened, and the crowd will never forget this moment. The Oilers made one of the most insane comebacks in history.

From the beginning of the fifth game, the score was three to one against the Oilers. But then the team proceeded to win the rest of the three games and became the winners. It’s no surprise to find this game to be among the best NHL Stanley Cup comebacks.

1994 Western Conference Quarter Final Vancouver vs. Calgary

Throughout all of hockey history, the Vancouver Canucks and the Calgary Flames have always been rivals, and everyone needed to watch whenever they versed each other in a game. But as for one of the most unbelievable NHL Stanley Cup comebacks, the 1994 Western Conference Quarter Final between the two was truly remarkable. And I don’t think anyone can forget about this game.

During the series, Canucks made an amazing three to one comeback. While the team was behind by two at the beginning of the fifth game, the Canucks suddenly took the lead and went on to win the series. It was a comeback that shocked the fans and even the players.

1962 Semi Final Detroit vs. Chicago

Among the craziest NHL Stanley Cup comebacks ever, fans of NHL would include the 1962 Semi Final between teams Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Black Hawks. During the Semi Finals, the Red Wings were pretty behind by two games. While everyone believed that the team would never make the win… they did.

Through an amazing comeback and grabbed the winning title of the series, the score was four to two. The fans and even commentators couldn’t believe their eyes after knowing fully well that after the loss of the first two games, the Red Wings would never stand a chance. However, in the end, they pulled it off amazingly and moved onto the finals.

2001 Los Angeles vs. Detroit

The 2001 Stanley Cup playoffs with teams Los Angeles Kings and Detroit Red Wings are certainly among the astonishing NHL Stanley Cup comebacks in history of hockey. During the game, the Kings were actually behind with the score of two to zero. And no one expected the Kings to get right back up in the game.

They came right back to win the game with a final score of four to two. And it’s partially thanks to Chris Osgood for losing four goals in a row for the Red Wings. In fact, this comeback ended Osgood’s first stint as a member of the Red Wings.

2002 Detroit vs. Vancouver

From the unbelievable NHL Stanley Cup comebacks ever is the 2002 Stanley Cup playoffs—Detroit Red Wings against the Vancouver Canucks. In this series, it really looked as through the Red Wings were going to be crowned the losing team. However, that definitely wasn’t part of their plan.

So, when the Red Wings were going to lose going into the third game since the Canucks was ahead by two to zero, something insane happened. The Red Wings made an amazing comeback and won the series four to two. While the Canucks lost all four of the last games, they basically handed the winning title to the Red Wings.

1942 Final Toronto vs. Detroit

The 1942 Finals between Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings is one of the NHL Stanley Cup comebacks that shocked everyone. From the amazing comeback the Maple Leafs did, they won the champions even after being behind the Red Wings. When they were behind, everyone was so confident that the Maple Leafs would never have the chance to win.

However, with the score of three to zero at the beginning of the fourth game, the Maple Leafs have outdone themselves. This moment was so staggering, it’s actually the only time in the history of all sports where a team came from behind this far and completely crushed the championship series.

1999 Colorado vs. Detroit

The 1999 Stanley Cup Finals between teams Colorado Avalanche and Detroit Red Wings. Yes, the Red Wings were in so many comeback games, they practically saw it all! Anyways, while the Red Wings were ahead by two in the beginning of the series, it seemed as though the Avalanche had no chance in winning at all.

Yet, starting with the third game in the series, there was a completely diverse perspective when the Avalanche came into play. They made an amazing, clean comeback and won. The final score was Avalanche four and Red Wings two.

2003 Western Conference Quarterfinal Minnesota Versus Colorado

Finally, among the most unbelievable NHL Stanley Cup comebacks in hockey history, is the 2003 Western Conference Quarter Final between teams Minnesota Wild and Colorado Avalanche. This game, without a doubt, stunned the crowd and everyone who was watching back home, simply because the Wild was pretty far behind in the game.

However, while the Wild were significantly behind, they made sure that they weren’t any longer. Since being behind didn’t stop the team from pushing forward and trying harder, they won the last three games of the series. As a result, the final score was Wild four and Avalanche three—totally catching the crowd off-guard.

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