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Kayla Harrison is finally joining the UFC

UFC 300 reaction

By Dyllon RodillonPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
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Apologies for not writing in a while and even being very late in this reaction. Life behind the keyboard has been interesting to say the least. But Kayla making her way to the UFC is too important of a topic for me NOT to talk about before it's too late. Kayla Harrison is now officially in the UFC and will make her debut at UFC 300 in April against Holly Holm. This is MONSTEROUS news for the WMMA world and WMMA fans. I truly never expected this day to happen. I always thought Kayla would be another MMA "What-If", but nope she's now in the UFC.

Initial Reactions

No surprise, this fight announcement has been receiving a lot of hate from incels but I don't care. I'm excited and I know plenty of people are too. I still believe this fight should have been at 145lbs. I don't doubt Kayla's professionalism to make the weight, but still. A depleted Kayla just because Dana does not care for 145 and 135 needs some new life isn't fair to Kayla. We've seen plenty of dangerous weight-cuts in MMA, especially in the women's divisions. Cyborg was literally in her bathtub sobbing profusely and Aspen Ladd would routinely be on the verge of fainting while trying to just stand still for her weigh-ins. It's not only a shame but also genuinely concerning for Kayla that this fight will be at 135lbs. I hope she'll be okay.


The Lioness did her job, she cleaned house of the 135 division and left a power vacuum after she retired. Raquel Pennington is of course champion now, but the 135 division is still the weakest it's been in years. But this fight has the potential to completely jumpstart the division and WMMA in the UFC as a whole. Both women are absolute warriors. This fight will truly be memorable. Now Kayla has a decent following, no where near Ronda even before the jump to WWE. But I know and believe she can heavily contribute to a significant percentage of the PPV buys. And I'm going to pull a page from the WWE. With no true "face" of the Women's division after Valentina lost her belt and is still fighting Alexa to get it back. And having her first defense be a draw, it's not Alexa. Zhang Weili is doing great and will bring a lot of new eyes to the UFC. Give Kayla the "baby-face" push and let her become the face of the UFC's WMMA. Kayla's got the look, a great smile, she can talk, and she's proven working with the "Impractical Jokers" she has a great personality. Now again I'm not claiming she is or will be the same type of Megastar that Ronda was in her prime, but she can be the face of the UFC as she was in the PFL.

Fight Predictions

Kayla is an absolute beast in her prime. And unlike Ronda, after losing her zero, she's come back with a vengeance and is clearly still in it to win it. Holly although well past 40, still has impeccable skill and has fought at 135 many times as well as was champion for a brief stint. Regardless this . I am going with Kayla Harrison. I've never been good at predicting the finish, but I know Kayla will win.

What's next for Kayla

If Kayla wins, please do not immediately give Kayla a title-shot. Again, I get that 135 is a very shallow division. But giving Kayla enough time to adjust and also generate hype, will do wonders for the division in the long-run instead of rushing her title shot.

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