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2023 WNBA Finals

Aces win again!

By Dyllon RodillonPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
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The house always wins! Your Las Vegas Aces are WNBA champions once again. The first WNBA team to go back to back in 20 long years! I am incredibly proud of our girls. I cannot wait to attend the parade. Unfortunately I was not able to make it last year but I'll be there this year! I implore all other Vegas natives and residents to attend the parade, let's show our girls even more love this 2nd time around. The parade is scheduled for Monday 10/23/23 but with no location at the time of publishing this article.

2023 WNBA finals:

The Aces made easy work of the first two rounds, back to back sweeps with the result never being in question. Coming into the Finals there were talks the Aces could have had a perfect sweep. A clean run from start to finish. That didn't happen as the Liberty easily took game 3, but game 4 was an absolute grind which saw the Aces take the series and the championship from the liberty 3 games to 1. I won't lie I wish we could have had the perfect post season, something that has never happened even in the NBA. Only the Lakers and the Warriors have come close to this feat by losing just 1 game in their nearly perfect playoff runs. But now the Aces join those greats too!

This season has been an absolute roller-coaster. The off season drama with Hamby, having Hammon suspended the first two games. The Williams situation. The injury bug biting us at the absolute worst possible time. And yet through all of that adversity, the Aces win again! I'm so happy to announce A'ja Wilson, is your finals MVP. You could tell losing the regular season MVP pushed A'ja into that next gear.

What's next?

I know I like to keep my articles positive and I've only ever sworn in my fiction works. But I have to get this off my chest. I can not wait to get Riquana Williams off this team. What she's done not only in the past but very recently is absolutely despicable and that piece of shit needs to be out of the W permanently. This situation needs to be brought up at the next CBA and corrected for the future, to help protect future victims and show the world the W does not tolerate that kind of behavior. I'm sorry but I had to bring it up. Back to our regularly scheduled fun and good times.

I would love to see Parker come back next season, I feel like she can easily come back for at least one last season before she hangs it up for good. This season being cut short due to her injury wasn't a fair demonstration for how much left she truly has in the tank. I would love to see Cayla George back, but unfortunately her game just doesn't feel like it translates well into the W. She may still find a roster spot, but maybe not. She might be back to Australia next season, and if that's the case maybe she can come back and maybe Golden State will sign her in 2025.

Free agent signings?

Our core guards are locked in for the next few years, and even after not resigning Williams. We don't need to sign any guards. At this time unfortunately the Aces do not have a 2024 or 2025 pick, but we can add guard depth through the draft in the future if need be. Especially after the expansion draft in 2025. So who can/should the Aces pick up?

This is a long shot, but EDD is a UFA.. If she wants another easy ring, I'm just saying. But, in all seriousness, some girls I'd love to see on the team to add that height and depth in the front court for relatively to super cheap could be; Stephanie Dolson, Alanna Smith, Megan Gustafson and Morgan Bertsch. Even if we just pick up one of these names, it can help the team and espcially A'ja immensely. After back to back rings, I know she'll be a little fatigued. She could use the help and rest from the bench.

Final thoughts:

Can the Aces go for the three-peat?? I mean perfect world I would love it, but let's slow it down a bit and just enjoy the back to back. Although what's crazy about the three-peat. In North American sports this hasn't been accomplished since Kobe 20 years ago. Although I mean, we just broke a 20 year standing record. So, you never know.

Now before I forget, a lot of New York fans will be disappointed with how this season turned out for them. And I understand, but I disagree. The Liberty had a fantastic season, even if they didn't get the job done this year. The chemistry, experience, and Becky's coaching was just too much for them this year. But, I still see this rivalry being one of the top rivalries in all of sports history if everything goes right. The only concern I have at this very moment, is New York should do everything they can to make sure JJ, Stewie, and Marine resign so they can run it back next season. But other than that, with a little more continuity together. New York clearly still has a lot left in the tank for many more years to come. Don't lose hope New York, honestly. I know that comes off as sarcastic but I swear it isn't.

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