2018 Patriots Draft

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Just a Girl in Her Jersey, With a Quick Look at the Patriots Picks

2018 Patriots Draft
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The NFL Draft. Three days of intense excitement, if you are a year-round football fanatic, like me. A ton of drama, sometimes better than your mother’s soap operas. The 2018 Draft was no different.

Before I dive into my Patriots perspective, I have to say that the highlight of the entire event, for me, was Ryan Shazier’s miraculous walk to the podium. Even the biggest Steelers adversaries were moved to tears by his walk. To think that just this past January, during the playoff game against the Patriots, it was dubiously stated they did not know if he would regain the ability to walk again. Well, good man, you beat the odds. God bless you!

Now, onto the Patriots.

As is typical with Bill Belichick, Nick Caserio, and the Patriot’s Scouting team, there were many trades. Nine to be exact. This was an organization record, from what I am told. Even though this is the norm for the Pats, it still got under the skin of many fans, and even some beat writers. I too was a little miffed.

In the end, this, with my first reaction, is what we fans ended up with:

  • Pick 23 Isaiah Wynn, OL, Georgia {Okay, okay. Good. Good}
  • 31 Sony Michel, RB Georgia {WHAT!!?? Hmmm…}
  • 56 Duke Dawson, DB Florida (From Bucks) { WHAT!!?? Seriously Hoody?}
  • 143 Ja’Whuan Bentley LB Purdue {Okay, okay. Here we go…}
  • 178 Christian Sam LB ASU { Mmhmm, yeah, that’s more like it.}
  • 198 TRADE {WHAT!! You were supposed to pick up QB Faulk! What are you thinking!}
  • 210 Braxton Berrios WR Miami {Oh, come on now! We are stacked! We need a QB!}
  • 219 Danny Etling QB LSU {Who? Hmmm...Okay, let’s watch this kid behind the GOAT}
  • 243 Keion Crossen DB Western Carolina {SMH another corner, Hoody?}
  • 250 Ryan Izzo TE Florida State {Yeah, okay, good thought, here.}

As you can see, my reaction, in the middle of the three-day fervor, was mixed. As with any other fan, I had my hopes for other position picks and even players. I included the trade at 198, because I think at that point every Patriots fan was thinking the same thing. Even the commentators were shocked.

My hopes were that we would pick up two great pass rushers, a good quarterback, and two big and agile offensive tackles. Then trade off for next season. I wasn’t picky as to who, because I trust the team scouts to make the best choices. Not to mention, I do not follow college football—that’s changing this year!

This morning, as the three-day draft hangover wore off, and I started looking into the guys we picked up, I see we have some fairly good picks here. I actually got what I asked for, to a point.

Wynn is a win. (See what I did there?) I see value in Sony Michel if he can stay healthy. It looks as if he is one of those “good at everything” type backs. Not just a 3rd or 4th down back. I also see value in the tight end pick as well.

I love that we picked up those Linebackers. It was the defense that cost the Pats the Superbowl. They let Nick Foles own them. It will be interesting to watch more tape and see just how they are used in New England.

Picking the Corners still baffles me. I mean, the Pats have Rowe, J-Mac, Gilmore, the two Jones, Lewis, and Wiltz, already. I figure Gilmore and J-Mac have the start tied up, so it will be a fight for the 2nd string, and depth after. Can any of them slip into a DE position? I wonder.

Danny Etling. Well, we do need a quarterback to train behind Brady. We do not know how long Brady is playing for. Just this season? Two more? He could be injured at any point, and as much as I love Brian Hoyer, I just do not know if he can take the team to the postseason. Not to mention, remember Tom Brady? He was 199th, so…

All things said I have to remember that the Patriots are always unorthodox. They find a way to make the picks work for them-most of the time. Belichick has bombed a few, but when it counts, he makes good decisions.

The Patriots also picked up a few Undrafted Free Agents:

  • Punters: Corey Bojorquez, New Mexico
  • Ryan Anderson, Rutgers
  • Tight End: Shane Wimann, Northern Illinois
  • Corner Backs: AJ Moore, Ole Miss
  • JC Jackson, Maryland
  • Defensive Tackles: John Atkins, Georgia
  • Frank Herron, LSU
  • Defensive End: Trent Harris, Miami
  • Wideout: Chris Lacey, OK State
  • Running Back: Ralph Webb, Vanderbilt

I will need to look closely at this bunch. The Patriots tend to do some great work with the Undrafted. Notice two punters? I wonder if this is a reflection on Ryan Allen’s bad holds in the Superbowl.

It was a dramatic three days of picks, but now the work really begins. How will these guys handle the Big League? OTAs, press, then camp will prove who will make it to the fifty-three man roster, and who will be sent home. I cannot wait to see it.

Over the next couple of days, I will be sharing more detailed thoughts about the draft picks, and the undrafted free agents. Until then, tell me what you think about the draft. I might just include your comments in my next article! ([email protected])

Jenna Logan
Jenna Logan
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