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T. Chevonne2 years ago
Why You Aren't Seeing Results
I mentioned that the law of attraction highlights putting out whatever you want to receive. This concept is a lot simpler than your ego self would like you to believe. Unfortunately, there is part of ...
Rasheeda Loves2 years ago
The Soul and the Subconscious/Conscious Mind
It is crazy but I have this theory or this belief if you call it, that we are all souls/energies in a physical form. But the secret to you truly living, living out your real and honest desires, becomi...
Great Affirmations and Where To Find Them
A useful tool in facing the hurly burly of the world is the affirmation. Every day we are exposed to hundreds if not thousands of messages from every imaginable place. Your boss, a co-worker, an adver...
Kathy Craig2 years ago
Antibiotics and the Bacteria That Resist Them
Since Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, the first natural antibiotic, in 1928 we have been killing or slowing the growth of many types of bacteria with development of new antibiotics that are m...
J M2 years ago
Don't Let This Summer Be a Bummer!
Is the summer heat getting you down? Do you want to look and feel great? Make this a summer worth remembering! Read these helpful tips to dealing with some of the most common concerns.
Andrea Dawson2 years ago
More Than Skin Deep: How Body Contouring Improves Quality of Life
In certain circles, plastic surgery has a bad reputation. Some people consider it nothing more than vanity taken to extremes. But the truth is that plastic surgery accomplishes more than an ego boost ...