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World War 3 and How to Stop It: We Are Not Superior, We Are the Same!

by Johnny Vedmore 4 years ago in opinion

The USA and UK must leave hypocrisy and racism behind to survive.

World War 3 may contain chemical warfare

Let’s get this straight! There are Palestinian children being jailed in Israel, Europe is more unstable than any time in the past 70 years, Russian spies are being poisoned with nerve agent in Salisbury, and children in Yemen are being murdered, without hesitation or regret, by an evil Saudi regime.

Yes, we’re almost two decades into the new millennium and every country is going about its crooked business, as per usual. It seems as though we are reaching the end game of the millennium project. The plan was to take down the regimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, and isolate North Korea into talks.

The western authorities have driven a wrecking ball of death through the heart of the middle east. Millions have died in the past two decades, but the mad plan to dominate the world by using a mixture of western cultural influence and an inherently sick capitalist democracy isn’t over.

Iran must fall! The western dynastic remnants are demanding the sacrifice to be made. Iranians must be left in poverty before we can rebuild their country in our own splintered image. The west demands that Iran must be stripped of its dignity and left raped in its own dirt.

We are watching the beginning of the resistance to the western powers. Russia and Syria, united with Iran, trying to wrestle control of key strategic points before the coming war is upon us.

The area to watch out for now is Turkey. Erdogan has been preparing for this moment for a very long time. There is no time to waste. Putin knows that he will have to align with the Turkish if they are going to be able to defend Moscow and Istanbul from the coming storm. Once Erdogan is on-board, Russia will have the front line sealed from Northern Karelia down to the start of the Arabian peninsula.

The new Cold War will bring with it a brand new iron curtain. The Chinese are continuing towards announcing “dear leader” status for their president, so there will be no aggression expected from them. The Russian east is easier to defend than the main front line. Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Bulgaria, Greece, and Israel will make the borderlands between east and west. Only Israel has the military strength to cause real problems to the Russian led coalition of nations. So Israel will be the country targeted by all of the opposition as soon as possible.

NATO is not the force which we would like it to be. Chronic under-funding has left it as a concept that could fall apart within months. No nukes will be needed to win. The east will not fight by western rules and that could mean savagery like never before witnessed.

The next war will make the historians weep. We have done this to ourselves. We have applied the concept of Tesla’s Death Ray to avoid a major conflict. The idea that nuclear war would be so destructive for humankind that no one would dare start one. This means our only defence to nukes is more nukes. This also means that if no nuclear weapons were used, then the western powers would be at an extreme disadvantage. If we are too afraid to use a nuke, then we’re left with fighting a mirror image of our own brutally destructive armies. If we do use a nuclear weapon, then we also lose.

If Russia was willing to utilise chemical weapons then the entirety of Europe would be taken within under a year. The human death toll for events such as these will break every record.

Lots of people think that moral America will come to the rescue, but I’m not sure that they can be trusted to react if enough money is waved at their corrupt leaders, and the risks were too high. The epoch of the western empires is grinding to a halt. We are devouring ourselves with royal questions of sovereignty. How long until no one has a choice, until we all lose our sovereignty?

We are approaching the edge of World War III. In this war to end all wars, almost all of Europe will suffer. Hundreds of millions of humans will die. We’ll sit around fires in bombed out buildings talking about the stupid shows that we used to watch on television and how we miss chocolate. Poverty will strike us down after years of western greed and gluttony.

Every one of us will suffer. Everybody will lose someone that we love in our present. And all of the warnings that we are getting about this coming war are falling on deaf ears, with indifference and/or ignorance. The people in Syria and Yemen are living through our future right now. We could stop the Saudis if we could be bothered, but first world troubles always get in our way. In fact, we are the ones killing the children of the middle east.

We voted in Blair and Bush. Our parliament voted for the death of over a million Iraqi people. We sell the weapons to the butchers, so history tells us that we will reap the consequences of our government's actions. We voted them in and so everyone they kill is more blood on our hands.

We have created this horrendous situation. We have stoked the fires.

So how can we stop the seemingly inevitable war to come?

Firstly, we must all stand up to the modern day aggressors. Israel must stop its brutality against the Palestinians and the wider middle eastern communities. Israel should also accept the loss of Jerusalem and come into line with international law.

We must stop the Saudis causing instability in the middle east. The only way to really hinder Saudi Arabia is by the US and UK governments sanctioning them for human rights abuses, as well as not buying their oil.

The west must stop the constant use of threatening rhetoric to scare isolated countries. Most aggression is a response to threatening behaviour, and that is the basis of modern western diplomacy. To reverse the mobilisation towards all-out war, the USA and the UK's negative attitudes to the rest of the world needs to change. We need to change. Our actions are often based on a racist ideology that we will only be able to recognise as such in retrospect. We are not superior, we are the same.

Of course, these things will never be allowed to happen. So it will be war. The allied powers have worked themselves into a corner, and it would take the swallowing of a lot of pride to reverse our current course.

Enjoy yourself now, while you can. Save the memories in the bank for later. It'll make it easier to survive the long and lonely nights that are to come.


Johnny Vedmore

Follow me @JohnnyVedmore.

I'm a UK based Investigative Journalist, Musician, I hunt child abusers online, and I believe that the UK government should legalize cannabis! Come to my website with lots of content at:

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