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We can lead a cause to Waters but you decide whether to drink

The case for justice from a Pink Floyd legend

By Steve HarrisonPublished 5 months ago 9 min read

You know how it is sometimes, when you wake up from a dream and there’s this earworm wiggling around in your brain? Well, since last Saturday’s humanitarian crusade in Cardiff in solidarity with the people of Gaza suffering mercilessly at the hands of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), I’ve had a slightly modified snippet of music from Pink Floyd’s 1979 concept album The Wall ringing in my head.

It’s from the second part of the track Another Brick In The Wall and if you’re familiar with the album and are awake enough to the current situation in Palestine you can probably figure out what it is… but it’s not the “teacher” my head is telling to “leave them kids alone” it’s Benjamin Netanyahu’s terrorist state of Israel that my mind’s lashing out at.

So come on, sing it with me: “Hey Israel, leave them kids alone… all in all, it's just a-nother brick in the wall.”

And if you’re not singing it right now I question what’s happened to your humanity? We’re into the fifth month already since the IDF began carrying out Netanyahu’s campaign of ethnic cleansing in Gaza, with the death toll of innocent children and civilians into the tens of thousands... the most clear-cut case of genocide in the last 75 years and sadly on a level carried out by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany during World War II.

But the United Nations International Court of Justice (ICJ) last week still allowed Israel another month to convince the judges that its acts of terrorism in Gaza do not amount to genocide. Israel’s response? Another false-flag incident, albeit a scaled-down version of the one that kicked off this current nightmare on 7 October last year.

Tuesday’s attempt to con the judges that it is just defending itself by blowing Gaza to the ground was to orchestrate the assassination of three alleged Hamas operatives being treated at a hospital on the outskirts of the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank, where Israel’s acts of terrorism have been somewhat less barbaric than those carried out in Gaza.

But having raided the hospital treating the alleged insurgents, who are now dead after being summarily executed to prevent them having the inconvenience of going to trial, Israel is more than likely to step up its campaign of genocide in the West Bank too.

This latest little charade follows last week’s accusations, that took until the ICJ ruling to come to light, that 12 workers with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) had been complicit in that false-flag pantomime on 7 October that tragically took the lives of many Israeli citizens, gunned down largely by an IDF attack helicopter and tanks, commanded by an inexperienced female battalion, ordered to fire indiscriminately at a music festival and kibbutz.

The response to those wild accusations about UNRWA workers? The United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Finland joined the United States, Australia and Canada in pulling their funding to UNRWA.

According to Reuters, the Israeli authorities have been calling for the humanitarian agency to be dismantled for some time... after all feeding people that Israel is trying to bomb out of existence does undermine their campaign to a large degree.

UNRWA is “perforated with Hamas” Netanyahu said on Monday: “UNRWA schools they’ve been teaching the doctrines of extermination for Israel – the doctrines of terrorism, glorifying terrorism, lauding terrorism."

But just like most of the narrative emanating out of Likud’s propaganda wing, Netanyahu’s got it completely backwards… it’s Israeli schools that are rife with this kind of rhetoric… just look at some of the deeply disturbing posts on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and X (the platform formerly known as Twitter) that many brainwashed Israelis have been posting to glorify the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza. It’s absolutely sickening!

Netanyahu had continually lobbied the agency's biggest donor, the United States, to stop its support and praised former US president Donald Trump’s administration for defunding the agency. So when the ICJ hands the beleaguered Palestinian people a small win, what happens? Those totally impartial “friends of Israel” in capitals around the world decide to cut off funding to UNRWA as well.

In response aid organisations have issued a joint statement addressing the reaction: “The suspension of funding by donor states will impact life-saving assistance for over two million civilians, over half of whom are children, who rely on UNRWA aid in Gaza.

“The population faces starvation, looming famine and an outbreak of disease under Israel’s continued indiscriminate bombardment and deliberate deprivation of aid in Gaza.

“We welcome UNRWA’s swift investigation into the alleged involvement of a small number of UN staff members in the October 7 attacks. We are shocked by the reckless decision to cut a lifeline for an entire population by some of the very countries that had called for aid in Gaza to be stepped up and for humanitarians to be protected while doing their job.

“This decision comes as the International Court of Justice ordered immediate and effective action to ensure the provision of humanitarian assistance to civilians in Gaza – 152 UNRWA staff have already been killed and 145 UNRWA facilities damaged by bombardment.

“UNRWA is the largest humanitarian agency in Gaza and their delivery of humanitarian assistance cannot be replaced by other agencies working in Gaza. If the funding suspensions are not reversed we may see a complete collapse of the already restricted humanitarian response in Gaza.”

And I’m afraid folks that’s what the Israeli strategy – supported by the World Economic Forum’s puppet presidents, prime ministers, opposition leaders and globalist despots – is aiming for, the complete annihilation of Palestinians in Gaza, with starving them a key part of the plan to complement the bombing and terror campaign.

So, back to that earworm that’s been buzzing in my brain this week. It was implanted there by one of the speakers at the humanitarian rally for Palestine in Cardiff last Saturday, who spoke about former Pink Floyd bassist and vocalist Roger Waters campaigning to bring the suffering of the Palestinian people to the attention of the world and highlight the injustice of Israel’s 75-year occupation of Palestine that seems to be escalating towards a “final solution” now that will see Gaza and the West Bank turned to dust unless the people of the world wake up to the slaughter.

Most governments – particularly the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Netherlands, Germany and Italy – are complicit in the war crimes being committed by Israel and Waters has been vilified for his condemnation of Israel’s atrocities in Gaza and the West Bank, which are being carried out to destroy the infrastructure and starve or slaughter the mostly children and civilians under the pretext of self defence, justified by the most ludicrous cover story that formed the entirety of Israel’s case before the ICJ.

Just look on social media while avoiding the mainstream channels, which simply champion the propaganda dished out by the false prophets in cahoots with the WEF agenda, to glimpse the insanity spewing out of Israel… and not just from those ordering the atrocities, who seem to have created a blood lust among much of the populace who show great delight in the suffering of Palestinians.

But what’s happening in Gaza is not an isolated incident, it’s the catalyst that the globalists pulling the strings have thought up to foment a global catastrophe that will enable them to create a draconian New World Order that will severely constrain freedoms worldwide once in place.

What’s happening in Gaza now is what the whole world has to look forward to if these globalists have their way and can push through the legislative tools that will allow them to tighten the screws in order to outlaw resistance to measures currently coming into force across the world.

Waters’ initiation into the struggle for justice in Palestine took place in 2006 after his promoters offered him a gig in Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park as part of his Dark Side Tour of Europe.

Although the hastily arranged gig sold out quickly, Waters received cries from fans not to play at Hayarkon Park, which had been built on a site that had formerly been a Palestinian cemetery before being ransacked by Israel. So, having committed to a stop in the country, Waters made a compromise decision to play at Neve Shalom, a Woodstock-like peace village, for a show that attracted about 50,000 revellers.

In the attached video (below) Waters relates how well the gig went until the end when he spoke about his hopes for a unified solution to the conflict with Palestine which brought a deadly pall to the gig.

It just so happened that the concert coincided with the beginnings of the BDS movement globally which advocates “boycott, divestment and sanctions” as a means to secure freedom, justice and equality for the Israeli-occupied land of Palestine. So, awakened by his experiences, Waters began the long road to addressing the inequality and suffering in the world… with Gaza, the West Bank and occupied Palestine fundamental to this struggle, having seen at first hand how UNRWA staff, who assisted him during his trip in 2006, were harassed by Israel’s IDF goons.

Thus awakened, Waters is now vocal on injustice across the world but to criticise Israel makes him antisemitic and a major target for the wrath of the Zionist lobby worldwide, supported by the mainstream media which tries to vilify him at every opportunity.

But open your eyes and it’s clear to see the humanitarian inside him who has no beef with any Jew, or ordinary Israeli for that matter... his rancour is for the state of Israel, the Likud Zionist doctrine and the terrorism being condoned by the world in Palestine.

For the past few years, since my wife’s passing in 2019 and the onset of some health problems later, I’ve had the time and inclination to open my eyes to the injustices I’ve known existed since childhood but had never had the opportunity to explore previously due to work and family commitments.

And, just like Waters, my eyes have been opened to the madness that is all around us and condoned and encouraged by those who have been trusted to look after our interests. But, I’m sorry to say the politicians of this world no longer care about the people they represent… their only motivations are greed and enslavement, which the system they are creating will soon have the teeth to enforce on all of us, not just in Gaza, the Middle East, Sudan and the umpteen other centres of WEF manipulation around the globe but everywhere else as well.

The globalists are coming for the planet big time, I know it, Waters knows it and a whole lot of other humanitarian crusaders know it too… but unless the majority of ordinary people walking this earth realise it as well there’s not a lot we can do to prevent it, which is why they use politics, religion, nationality, skin colour and every little trick in the book to divide us.

But the genocide in Gaza is really starting to wake people up and unite humanity with chants in Cardiff, and across the globe, shouting out that “the people united will never be defeated” beginning to make the establishment panic.

So, “brick by brick, wall by wall, Israeli apartheid has to fall”… do not let the insanity in Gaza take the world into another global conflict, do not plug into the globalist propaganda, please open your eyes to the NWO agenda.

Don’t accept the mainstream narrative, which is largely lies and disinformation, but don’t take my word for it either… the worldwide web was not created for our benefit but it has opened up the world to greater scrutiny that we can all utilise to better understand the dynamics of our planet. Some of it is fake news, particularly that propagated by the mainstream media, but much of it isn’t and that’s not something the globalists want you to realise.

In the video link (above) Waters relates a conversation he had with his mother over some quandary that was plaguing him when he was a teenager that provides terrific advice for anyone wondering what the hell’s going on in the world right now. Her advice was simply to read up on the subject from all angles, those you agree with but also those you don’t.

At this point Waters asked his mother what he should do then and she replied that by that time he’d instinctively know what he needed to do. So I urge everyone to do just that… don’t just breathe in the propaganda or accept my take on things, do your own research and be open to all narratives, then you’ll discover what “you” need to do!

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