To Thine Own Self, Be True...

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Dating a man doesn't have to change who you are. Being married doesn't mean you are no longer your own person, or that you are owned. You must always be true to yourself, but how do you do that in today's world?

To Thine Own Self, Be True...

The world is ever-changing, and as an individual, you grow and evolve right along with it. Each individual develops their own morals, opinions, and strength where they stand for those beliefs. There is no requirement for how much defense you put up, no amount of fight demanded, nor support expected from you. It's simply what you decide to put in and take away.

Personal Beliefs

Thinking About Yourself and Others

While upholding your moral grounds is the most important thing as an individual, there is also the question of how it affects others. As a young, conservative woman, I often ask myself how my beliefs will affect others. Will, what I want ultimately diminish another's quality of life?

In my own opinion, I follow the basic rules of America. Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, and I follow the constitution.

Men should treat women as equals and women should treat men as equals. In this way, no one person is hindered and neither gains benefits more than the other.

Of course, I follow all of America's laws and abide by them. I don't believe in racism but I also support the right to free speech, so I won't condemn someone who speaks racist comments. I do not condone any action that sparks violence against another human being.

I don't condone abortion. Currently, it is legal so for my own moral ground, I just say that for myself I would not choose abortion. If someone chooses it that is their choice. I would present my argument against abortion if they were inclined to listen, if not I respectfully excuse myself and leave the decision alone.

A Man/Woman Won't Change You

You shouldn't feel like you have to change the way you talk, walk, dress or what you like just to impress someone. If you like someone, he/she can like you for exactly how you are. He can accept and love all your quirks, weird tastes, and interests.

In the same light, you also should show the same respect to your prospective date. Don't force him/her to change for you. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Though second wave feminists have made the world an amazing place for women, you may still feel a little nervous about being overly confident or proud of your likes and dislikes. Don't. There is no reason to feel nervous. If a man doesn't like you, he can hit the road. Same for a woman. Equal treatment, equal outcome.

I don't agree with all lifestyle choices that are out there today. I also won't tell you how to live your life. You can ask questions, challenge people, make your own choices and decide what is best for you.

Just treat people with respect and they will respect you.

You Are Who You Are

You don't have to change yourself to make someone else happy. Family, boyfriend, husband, sister, or brother, there is no one who can force you to believe something you don't.

As a Conservative Republican, that is what I want as an individual. For everyone to have their own opinions and for those opinions to be respected. That is what we should strive for.

Political Beliefs

The Right to Protest

You have a right as an American citizen to protest peacefully against something you do not agree or support. If you feel there are issues in America that you don't agree with, you can protest and separate yourself from the pressures of a particular party.

Defending or protesting your beliefs does not inhibit your worth as a person. It doesn't challenge your morals or beliefs. You can choose whether you want to engage in debates or not. That choice is entirely up to you.

Know Your Stuff

If you do plan to protest, know exactly what you are for and against. Don't protest something if you don't know the whole story. Listen to both sides of the media, see the story from all sides. Listen to smaller news and talk to your friends or people in a group you may belong to. Information is your best friend.

Know who it is you're protesting, why you are protesting, and what they stand for. Far too many protesters don't know exactly what they are against. They may protest for one or many reasons, but often they don't really know exactly why they are there.

Be Safe

Be safe protesting. Whether you are Republican, Democrat, Liberal or Progressive, always watch your surroundings and stay with a group. Even though there are many in each party who are even-minded and respectful, there are always extremists on both sides. Fear doesn't control your decision, and you should never be afraid to stand up for what you believe.

Be True to Yourself

While I don't agree with everything going on in the world, I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. No matter what it is. No matter if I don't like it, agree with it or support it, they have the right to have it. You have the right to have it. However, you should also respect others opinions even if they don't align with your own.

How does it work?
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