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Tale of Dr. Dunning Krueger

by Ferrari King 8 months ago in satire

Mr. Know-It-All

What’s up? My name is Dr. Dunning Krueger and perhaps you have heard of me. I got my education from the University of YouTube and TV talking heads. I do not listen to experts because I am an expert in everything. I do not need to understand what I am talking about because I got my civics education from the University of YouTube and TV talking heads and that is where I got my science credentials, history degree and much more.

I do not believe in vaccines because my instructors on YouTube told me they were bad. They have no formal education which is why I believe them. They have no facts and cannot present any real research but who needs that. Why should they present their findings for peer-review or to scientists?

I do not accept evolution because my pastor said so and he is smart. He got is degree from some Bible College and they know more than any scientist. As above they do not need to provide their evidence against evolution for peer-review because they are smarter than the scientist that study evolution, genetics and more.

You can try to argue with me, but I know everything and will not back down no matter what evidence you show me. That evidence is provided by researchers, smart people, scientist, historians and who knows who else but my professor on YouTube told me they were all wrong. I will brag how I beat you.

Do not tell me that the election results were available the day after the election in November when I know only the electors can decide elections. You may say the media reported the election results, but I will say back that the media does not decide elections. My YouTube professors and the talking head on TV told me so.

I do not believe anyone should get an education because college is completely useless. Look at how much money I make. Sure, I went to school for a couple years after High School but that’s beside the point. We cannot have people learning to think critically, learn to look up information, do research or understand data. Just believe what you are told by the person on YouTube or that talking head on TV.

Don’t talk to me about science or history. I only learn what I need to know, and I get my information only from people that did not attend college or major in a scientific or history field. Who needs experts when you got YouTube? What did experts ever do? All they did is take years of college studying their field, writing peer-reviewed article, doing research and constantly upgrading their knowledge. Please, the people on YouTube and the TV talking heads are better. My pastor even said he does not listen to experts.

I am Dr. Dunning Krueger and I need no real knowledge about anything. Real education is pointless if it does not make you money in some way. Why learn anything that may broaden your horizons and not look foolish when you talk to people. I only talk to people that think like me. I always win arguments against the smart people since they always give up. You should see them try to explain to me how I am wrong, and I just tell them they contradicted themselves, they are lying, or they are wrong. I provide no real proof just site YouTube, talking heads or my pastor.

In conclusion, do not tell me anything because I know everything. I know many people claim that Dunning Krueger is when you are too stupid to realize you are stupid and you think you know more than the experts, but I really do know more.

I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope you look up the Dunning Kruger effect. Getting an education is the best way not to be a Dr. Dunning Krueger. I hope you had fun reading this and check out my other stories and check out my bio for a link to my YouTube channel.


Ferrari King

I am Ferrari King and I enjoy writing short stories and playing games. My other hobbies are working out, MMA and reading. I plan to post things here periodically and check out my website:

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Ferrari King
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