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Sunak Faces Another Two By-Elections.

Two MP's Resignations.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Pondering Prime Minister.

Sunak has faced a tumultuous year what with one thing and another. Nadine Dorries MP and close confidant of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resigned. The representative for Bedfordshire recently handed in her resignation to the Prime Minister. Now, Ms. Dorries can be seen on GB News as a presenter. Nadine Dorries appeared on 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Here'. Appearing scantily clad and taking part in all sorts of so-called 'bush tucker trials'. Originally, from Liverpool, she served as a backbencher during the time of David Cameron. She held a cabinet post under Boris Johnson. Since the time of Sunak, she has resigned.

Now a by-election in Bedfordshire will be held. The parties will be up for it and campaigning. The Tories will be hoping to hang on to it. Labour, the Lib-Dems, and others will be hoping to capture it. Dorries was a working- class lass who became a Conservative MP. When in Boris' cabinet she was his right-hand woman.

Chris Pincher MP for Tamworth in the Midlands was also an MP under Boris. Mr. Pincher was accused of groping acts and it was said this was an abuse of power. This was said by the Parliamentary Watchdog tasked with investigating abuses of power. And what, Mr.Pincher, did was certainly a gross and disgusting abuse of power. Mr. Pincher appealed against the findings of the Watchdog but his appeal was turned down.

Now in Tamworth, like in Bedfordshire, there will be a by-election. Mr. Pincher has a majority of 19,634. Now with his resignation will the safe Tory seat still remain Tory? Many voters may be put off by the Conservatives because of Mr. Pincher's gross indecency. However, some will overlook the antics of this flawed man. Obviously, not every Tory MP or potential MP is a pervert (although some would beg to differ). So, it is possible another Conservative MP, will be returned from Tamworth to Westminister. That said, Labour and others, but particularly Labour will be looking to overturn the Tory majority.

During the local elections, Tory support at the town hall level collapsed. The Tories lost a major seat in the north due to another by-election. Labour won it and returned a Labour MP to Westminister. However, the Tories managed, by the skin of their teeth, to hang on to Boris' old seat of Uxbridge. Labour had hoped to capture it but failed to do it. Nevertheless, they came very near, to exterminating Tory support.

Labour can look at a poll by 'YouGov' commissioned by Sky News that shows Labour is on 46%. Obviously, Sir Keir and his chums, will be happy about these results and rightly so. For the Tories, the story is the reverse. The Conservatives are on 26% and floundering in support from those voters questioned. The Lib-Dems usually do well in Tory seats so there is hope for them too. Other parties such as Reform aka the Brexit Party or the Greens will not be crack that political glass ceiling short of a miracle. The UK's current voting system known as 'first past the post' is grossly unfair to parties other than Labour or Tory. A more proportional voting system would see Reform and more Green MPs in Westminster. The SNP are a force at Westminister and are the UK's largest third party. However, their writ only runs north of the border in Scotland. Although, their Westminster MPs do speak for Scotland and often, for the whole UK.

As Dorries resigned she savaged the Sunak regime. Perhaps rightly so, but she would hate Sunak anyway because of his treatment of his former boss, Boris. Whereas, Pincher, was shielded by Boris until the clown could shield him no more. Hence, Pincher no longer able to defend his alleged acts, resigned.


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I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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