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Rachel Reeves is More Popular Than Jeremy Hunt.

Battle of the Chancellors.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Labour Shadow Chancellor: Rachel Reeves.

Labour HQ will be celebrating as Rachel Reeves is now more popular than the Conservative's Jeremy Hunt. A YouGov Poll conducted for Sky News shows Rachel is trusted and liked more than Jeremy.

When Sunak took over as Prime Minister he kept Jeremy Hunt on in the job as Chancellor. Liz Truss appointed Hunt after the debacle of his predecessor Kwasi Kwarteng. Hunt stayed on as Sunak took his position as Prime Minister. Sunak and Hunt seemed like a double act and appeared to be on the same page.

Only 27% of Tories who gave the Tories their landslide in 2019 trust Hunt. The YouGov Poll showed that 21%of voters prefer Rachel. Jeremy, for his part, scores 14% with voters. Reeves and Hunt had been neck and neck previously. Now it seems Rachel's warm personality has won over many voters. Whereas Jeremy comes over as austere and tight-fisted.

Labour is also ahead when it comes to the economy. Labour being trusted for the economy is certainly good for them. Sir Keir, like it or not, has driven Labour more to the centre ground or some might say to the right. Corbyn was more left-wing and scared the rich establishment to death. With Keir, the rich establishment is obviously more comfortable with him. Just like Tony Blair in the 1990s made Labour electable again.

Whenever Labour elects what some see as a true socialist to the leadership they never do well. However, to be fair to Mr. Corbyn (who I liked) he almost won a previous general election which left Theresa May hanging by a thread. Still in government but cut to the bone. She had to go into government with the Northern Irish DUP just to stay in government. It was not a coalition government. It was more that the DUP would lend the Tories their support if necessary. Had Mr. Corbyn won, he would have been able to carry out his policies of renationalising the railway, free internet for ordinary folk, Having a more pacifist foreign policy and not jumping into bed with the Americans every time they wanted to take military action. Making sure the NHS was well funded and better staffed, more pro-Palestinian. Some accused Corbyn of being anti-Semitic.

One wonders what his relationship would have been with Trump. Also, with Putin and Xi of China, Iran, North Korea, etc. However, for better or worse, depending on where you stand politically, he was heavily defeated, in the 2019 general election. Boris and Brexit won the day, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Sir Keir has recently done a quick shuffle in putting what ministers he wants where. Certainly, Rachel has always stood shoulder with Sir Keir. There appears to be chemistry and a good working relationship with Sir Keir and Rachel. So whenever Wishy-Washy has the guts to call a general election it will be Sir Keir and Rachel up against Rishi and Jeremy.

According to recent polls, including the one mentioned here, Labour have all to play for. However, despite Labour's favourable stats in opinion polls, some voters remain undecided. These kinds of voters, will be, scrutinising both parties. And it is these undecided voters that Labour and indeed, all parties, have to win over. Things are looking up for Labour. Again, as with Tony Blair, Sir Keir has made Labour a credible alternative, to the Tories once more. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. There is a long time between now and the next general election whenever it is called. The Tories know their position is dire, so they will be looking, for anything to put a dent in Labour's lead.

Therefore Labour must continue to build on this foundation of trust they have built up with voters. Which when the general election is called will give them the thumping majority they need to oust the Tories.


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I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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