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Biden & America's Hypocrisy in Ignoring Human Rights Violations in US & Africa But Coming for Burkina Faso

The US is the world's biggest threat to peace and everyone knows it except Americans

By IwriteMywrongsPublished about a month ago 7 min read
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Tuesday, 22 May 2024

By: TB Obwoge

If you travel internationally often, you would probably get the sense that people think Americans are lunatics! We have a horrible world name, we have more than enough sterotypical rhetoric floating about, however is it really just sterotypes?

Americans are called, big, fat people, we drive oversized cars, live in stupid oversized homes, while eating oversized meals. Known as the gun carrying fanatics of the world,

People often warn that traveling to they "states" as most of the world refers to us, they warn each other not to get shot.

Joe Biden as the audacity to claim that he doesn't believe that there is a genocide taking place in Gaza, at the hands of Israel. Biden has been ignoring the murderous bombing in Palestine, the United Nations as well.

Hopefully the world now knows that the United Nations is just an extension of the farce that is also the United States of America. There seems to be a nonexistant seperation from the United Nations and the US. You can tell this by the annual human rights violations which are printed up annually about every country.

Israel's Genocide of Palestinians -

We all know about the genocide of Palestinians, Joe Biden has taken to defend Israel, he claims that there is no genocide. He and the American government are also providing billions of dollars worth of funds to Israel to bomb the hell out of Gaza, killing about 40,000 people. Mostly they are women and children, many news platforms say Hamas fighters are largely untouched.

Burkina Faso's transitional government has been accused of human rights violations, below here are the details and they're very weak.

Burkina Faso says HRW massacre accusations ‘baseless’

A Human Rights Watch report on Thursday accused the military of executing residents in Nodin and Soro, including at least 56 children.

Burkina Faso has said a Human Rights Watch report alleging that soldiers killed at least 223 villagers in two attacks on February 25 made “baseless accusations”.

The HRW report on Thursday accused the military of executing residents of Nodin and Soro, including at least 56 children, as part of a campaign against civilians accused of collaborating with rebel fighters. The New York-based group said its report was based on telephone interviews with witnesses, civil society and others.

“The government of Burkina Faso strongly rejects and condemns such baseless accusations,” Communications Minister Rimtalba Jean Emmanuel Ouedraogo said in a statement late on Saturday.

“The killings at Nodin and Soro led to the opening of a legal inquiry,” he said.

The minister expressed his surprise that “while this inquiry is under way to establish the facts and identify the authors, HRW has been able, with boundless imagination, to identify ‘the guilty’ and pronounce its verdict”.

HRW described the massacre as “among the worst army abuse in Burkina Faso since 2015”.

“These mass killings … appear to be part of a widespread military campaign against civilians accused of collaborating with Islamist armed groups, and may amount to crimes against humanity,” HRW said on Thursday.

“Burkinabe authorities should urgently undertake a thorough investigation into the massacres, with support from the African Union and the United Nations to protect its independence and impartiality,” it added.

According to the Burkina statement: “The media campaign orchestrated around these accusations fully shows the unavowed intention … to discredit our fighting forces.”

“All the allegations of violations and abuses of human rights reported in the framework of the fight against terrorism are systematically subject to investigations” followed by the government and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, it said.

On Thursday, Burkina Faso suspended the BBC and Voice of America radio networks from broadcasting after they aired the report accusing the army of attacks on civilians in the battle against rebels.

Violence in the region fuelled by the decade-long fight with armed groups linked to al-Qaeda and ISIL (ISIS) has worsened since the respective militaries seized power in Burkina Faso and neighbouring Mali and Niger in a series of coups from 2020 to 2023.

Source: AlJazeera.Com

Transitional Government of Burkina Faso Via the President's Facebook Account

Ghana's Human Rights Violations Ignored -

Ghana, in West Africa has constantly dodged the bullet when it comes to being tagged with several human rights violations. Ghana police have been throughout Biden's term, tagged with multiple abuses towards Ghanaians (including here my sexual assualt by a Ghana police officer), there have been recent cases of police brutality.

Yes, Americans know that no police abuse and kill more people than the American police.

More abuse by the hands of Ghana Police -

Ghana police have countless claims of physical abuse, bribery and corruption especially during Akufo-Addo and Joe Biden's time in office. You can't help but find one incident after another.

They're all ignored by the government of Ghana and the US as well as the United Nations. Ghanaians rarely call police to report crimes, in 2024 alone there has been 3 viral videos of Ghanaians lynching citizens instead of calling the Ghana police for assistance.

Ghana Army Brutalities -

GAF (Ghana Armed Forces) have been accused of murdering Ghanaians as well. The things happening in Ghana that even Black Americans moving to Ghana ignore are police brutality and bribery.

However it is so bad that in Osu, Accra, Ghana, the police and military, got to the point of drawing weapons on each other. This incident happened outside of Ghana police headquaters, the soldiers found themselves outnumbered. What happened, a Ghana officer on his way to work, out of uniform, was accused of running a traffic light.

Ghana News Paper Cover

He was confronted by Ghana Army, however he tried explaining that he was a police officer. When Ghana police, inside the headquaters found out about the incident, the flooded the streets. There was a viral video of soldiers running with their guns, police officers crowded the area, guns clicking into fire positions.

Ghana Army, is charged with policing citizens in many parts of the country, Accra is no different. There are often police and military check points on the roads.

Then in 2023, there were 175 men beaten in an area of Ghana's capital Accra, yes, 175 men. There are documented videos of the Ghana Armed Forces terrorizing residents for 2-days. Also on TikTok one of my Ghanaian followers, who is a Ghana Army soldier, posted days worth of videos laughing about the abused and beaten men.

A soldier, proud of the abuses by his fellow soldiers, not only were they beaten the men were made to eat cow shit and dirty water from the gutters on the streets.

Ghanaian beaten by the Ghana Army

None of these incidents were concidered human rights violations, no international outrage or articles about this massive round up and beating. There are photos of the men al seated on the ground without wearing shirts and most without shoes. These half naked men were terrorized by their own Army.

Brutality in Bawku, Ghana is a constant concern, there have been so many ignored complaints of brutality by the hands of Ghana Armed Forces and National Security Forces as well.

Below is a video about one of the incidents in the area.

The Ghanaian government has stepped up to defend its security forces against allegations of human rights violations, particularly regarding cases of brutality.

While human rights organisations and activists have raised concerns over reported instances of excessive force, the government maintains that the security

More and more issues of human rights are taking place in Ghana, especially under Akufo-Addo.

Ghana's customs officials took to the streets of Ghana in 2023 to chase merchants for taxes. One officers decided to headbut a civilian for no reason. The incident was also caught of video.

Kenyan Police kill 54 civilians during economic protests -

In Kenya the police shot and killed 54, some claim the number is higher than this, once again the Kenya police, got away with murder. Litterally, Joe Biden needed Kenya's police to go into Haiti for them, the US paid $100 million USD to Kenya's government, for them to depoly 1000 police officers into Haiti.

Of course this wouldn't look good for Biden or William Ruto (president of Kenya), in order to avoid international outcry, Kenyan police couldn't be accused of abusing their own.

Saudi Arabia - Human Rights abuses are often ignored by the American government and Joe Biden.

U.S. Allowing Weapons Customers to Commit Crimes Against Humanity on the Saudi‐​Yemen Border

President Joe Biden wants to sign a security agreement with Saudi Arabia despite its history of human rights abuses and, in recent actions, its reported shooting and killing of Ethiopian migrants.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a report this month that documented Saudi security forces firing explosive projectiles at Ethiopian migrants and shooting them at close range, killing hundreds or even thousands between June 2022 and April 2023. According to an August 26 New York Times article, the White House knew about the atrocities that HRW has declared “may amount to a crime against humanity” but did nothing to stop them. If anything, the Biden administration increased support for the Saudi leadership, despite their extensive human rights abuses.

Human Rights Watch says they have been tracking this issue at the Saudi‐​Yemen border since 2014, but that the killings noted in their report “appear to be a deliberate escalation in both the number and manner of targeted killings.”

Source: Cato.Org

Thank you for reading 🙏🏽 Please consider buying a coffee for Lacey’s House efforts in Gender Equality & Children’s Rights.

©️TB Obwoge 2024 All Rights Reserved

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