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Review of Stamped From the Beginning & Just Mercy

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Before I begin please make sure to read my other stories and watch the video attached which is my review of another great book call, The Fragile Mind. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube gaming channel. You will find many of my reviews under my Moron Reviews playlist. Please note I am not the greatest person to give reviews but both, Stamped from the Beginning and Just Mercy should be on your reading list.

I have always believed in hears all sides of an argument and not believing sound bites. How many times have you heard about a remark from a person whether on TV or in person that made them sound horrid, but you decided to have a backbone and check the facts for yourself and you found out what they said was a far cry from what they said? I enjoy reading books about history and I also enjoy reading books and listening to people I disagree with or people I think I would disagree with. I have heard some bad thing about Ibram Kendi and found they were exaggerated big time. His book, Stamped from the Beginning should be read by everyone.

Stamped from the beginning is the must-read book if you want to understand the history of slavery and racism in America and is a real eye opener. Although this is off topic, I do find it interesting that today’s Antifa and leftist college students use the same tactics that pro-slavery, Nazis and many other evil people have used and that is disrupting meeting of people they disagree with. Seems like you can tell you are on the right side of history when groups are so adamant to disrupt your meetings. None of those evil groups won in the end. I realize Antifa stands for anti-fascist but remember that you can call yourself anything you want but it is your actions that speaks louder than your words and Antifa is anything but anti-fascist. Perhaps they should look up fascism in history and look at their behavior and see the correlation.

I do not want to give away what you will find in this book, but you will learn about who Jim Crow was, and how hypocritical Thomas Jefferson was. You will learn the attempts to end slavery and all the so-called theories about who blacks were that was used to keep them as slaves. You will learn about slave rebellions that you never heard of in school. If you want to learn about slavery and the history of racism then you need Ibram Kendi’s book, Stamped from the Beginning.

Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson was made into a movie which I have not seen so I am reviewing the book. The book is in my opinion always better than the movie. This book can be a bit emotional as you learn just how horrid our criminal justice system treats the poor. It is maddening to think how people look at the poor. Many just see them as trash and this book exposes how they are mistreated. Just Mercy focuses primarily on African Americans and Walter McMillian is discussed at length. You will be furious and disgusted at the lengths the injustice system went to execute a man they knew was innocent.

Just Mercy is one of those books you must read if you want to understand the criminal justice system and I will repeat what many in law enforcement and the criminal justice system have said and that is never talk to the police. Ask for a lawyer and only talk through your lawyer.

I hope you decided to read both books and to check out my YouTube gaming channel. I assure you that you will not regret buy both books and you will enjoy reading, The Fragile Mind also.

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Ferrari King
Ferrari King
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